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Aug 25, 2013 08:32 AM

Hella's @Farmington Hills

There is now a Hella's sign in front of the olde Detroit Prime location.

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    1. Actually it's "New Hellas".

      Just like the old one, I hope, and I for one can't wait to get the braised lamb shanks.

      1. It took awhile, but I finally made it to the new 'New Hellas' on Northwestern Hwy just east of 14 Mile in Farmington Hills.

        As I mentioned originally, I ordered Lamb Reganato - lamb shank 'braised in olive oil, wine, oregano sauce, served with rice pilaf and vegetable'.

        Freshly baked bread was served with butter, and the main course shortly followed. The plate was large and had quite a bit more food than one would typically eat; really enough for two full meals. In addition to a large lamb shank, full portions of sweet peas with a few carrots in a savory tomato sauce, rice pilaf, green beans in a lemon sauce, and a large slice of roasted potato were on the plate.

        It more than met my expectations. The lamb was well seasoned, which you can do with lamb as it has a strong taste itself, and so tender it literally fell off the bone. All the side dishes were as I'd hoped - just like they used to be at New Hellas in Greektown.

        A coworker had me pick him up a gyro, including fries, and he though it was great too.

        These were both off the dinner menu, the Lamb was $19.50 and the gyro was $12.50. The lunch menu, before 3pm, has the gyro at $8.50 and Lamb Reganato at $14.

        All in all, highly recommended.