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Aug 25, 2013 07:14 AM

Ciabatta rolls

I used to buy these great ciabatta rolls at Roma in Little Italy. They had a nice delicate crispy crust but were not too hard - perfect for sandwiches (baguette is too hard for what I am looking for). I called up today and apparently they haven't made bread for over 2 years now. Anyone know of similar rolls - preferably in NDG or even Mile-End area? Thanks!

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  1. Just bought some triangular shaped ciabatta buns at Guillaume on Fairmount just east of St Laurent. They were some of the best I have tried recently.

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    1. re: chefjeannine

      Yes, they make very good ciabatta. I like the one with herbes de Provence and salt.

    2. Really, they don't make them anymore? I was going to recommend Roma when I saw the subject line. The other place I was going to recommend was the store that has now become Nicola Travaglini. Sorry for my useless post! :)

      I'm sure Guillaume makes a good one as all their breads are great.

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        Sadly, I believe the husband in the elderly couple who have owned and run Roma for decades has died, or if still alive, is not able to work. I know la signora had sought a baker. Not useless at all. I don't think the butcher's - grocery - deli that became Travaglini made their own bread and rolls - just their pizza. Guillaume is great, and really not very far from Roma.