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Aug 25, 2013 06:53 AM

What do you do with aged kitchen ware?

I always have a dilemma when buying new stuff for the kitchen as to what to do with the old stuff. I end up throwing it in the trash but surely there is a way to reuse/recycle them. What to do?

Glassware - not accepted in recycle bins.

Flatware - I don't think our recycle accepts this either

Pans with teflon ?

Old toasters/toaster ovens ?

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  1. Assuming that the items are still functional, donate them to a charity that has use for them -- e.g., one that assists immigrants, domestic violence victims, or others setting up households.

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      We've been doing lots of downsizing of furniture and household stuff, including kitchen ware. We've become regulars at calling Salvation Army for pickups of big items.

      If you have any kinds of thrift stores in your area, they'd probably welcome donations. Or, you could consider consignment, but stores in our area typically don't take kitchen stuff.

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        1. Check and see if you have an active Freecycle group in your area:

          1. Your old electronic items should be recycled. Where I live, the high schools are using e-cycle events for fund raising. They really want TVs, but will take the toaster ovens and coffee makers. If it plugs in, you can get rid of it that way.