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Aug 25, 2013 06:19 AM

Food Suggestions for PCH Road trip in September

Am traveling the Pacific Coastal Highway in early September (LA to San Fran) and want to experience local cuisine and great hidden gems. My taste is diversified and occasionally am willing to splurge along the way. Recommendations?

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  1. One of my faves in Big Sur is Sierra Mar at the lovely Post Ranch Inn for lunch.

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      Thanks Beach Chick. Any must haves on the menu?

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        Forgot what I ate but it was very good and the view is stunning.

    2. I'm from the East Coast and England... on a drive up the PCH with my CA brother, we stopped at Anderson's Pea Soup, which I think was just north of Santa Barbara. I didn't realized how much I missed good old-fashioned American food.

      One of our best meals was at the Black Cat in Cambria. The food was wonderful and we loved staying in that town right on the water.

      Nepenthe near Big Sur is also a great lunch stop .. mostly for the view on a nice day.

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        Thanks Zuriga1. I'll check it out

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          I'll second Black Cat - happened upon the restaurant on my first night on a similar road trip last fall - it was really very nice - some good wines... I was traveling solo and it was a great first solo dining experience!

        2. In Pacific Grove (next to Monterey), try Passionfish for dinner. A lot of local seafood options and an extensive winelist with wines priced at retail.

          1. PISMO BEACH (North of Santa Barbara and south of San Luis Obispo area) - MO'S BBQ on the main street that goes to the pier - Pomeroy St. Ask for Philthy Phil ribs with the coleslaw and BBQ beans and then finish it off with coffee flavor salt water taffy at Hot Licks down a block towards the beach. Funky little town, good place for a road trip stop where Highway One and Highway 101 join along the coast before you head back towards One.

            If you are near Santa Barbara for breakfast: Renaud's French Bakery; or lunch- La Superica Taqueria - or dinner: Giannfranco's in Carpinteria.

            1. In big sur at Ventana Inn, the patio has amazing views, the cliff just drops off to the water below. I've gone for lunch and lingered for hours, excellent food (their seafood is always amazing) and service.