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Aug 24, 2013 07:28 PM

Down river ice cream in Essex

A friend told me that this place has the best ice cream. Only been once but wow, I'm inclined to agree. They were having problems with one of the freezers so I didn't get my first or second choice of flavors, but the one I ended up with (vanilla ice cream, swirl of caramel, choc chips) was wonderful. I could really taste the cream.

I'm not usually so fanatical about ice cream but I will definately hit this place again after our next trip to Crane beach. They have several fruit flavored sorbets, which was great for our milk-allergic son who usually makes do with a slush.

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  1. It's a toss up for me between Down River and Benson"s when it comes to ice cream north of Boston. It generally depends on my final destination, though I'm more inclined to head to Down River.

    1. FYI Down River opened a 2nd stand on Rte 1 on the south bound side just before the Agawam Diner. That puts it possibly on the Ipswich/Rowley line. Personally, my favorite is Oh Snap!

      Excellent vanilla ice cream with ginger and ginger snaps.

      1. My husband and I stopped here for the first time today. We both thought the ice cream was very creamy and delicious. He got the chocolate peanut butter with Reese's p-b cup pieces and the flavor was really good. The ice cream was somewhat soft and crystal-free. I got butter pecan. The base was very tasty but there weren't many pecans so I probably would get a different flavor next time. We'll definitely head back soon.

        They have a small plot where they grow their own strawberries and are offering them in their fresh strawberry ice cream now. The area out back overlooking the marsh has some Adirondack chairs that make a pleasant place to eat your cone.

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          Just don't try to sit out there on the Adirondacks during green-head season!

        2. Love it there! I usually get the Deer Tracks (toffee flavored ice cream with a chocolate swirl) but everything I've tasted there is good. On a side note, when they first opened and my (diabetic) Dad was alive, I'd go get an ice cream and the owner would tell me what new sugar free flavors they had so I could let my Dad thoughtful!