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Aug 24, 2013 06:22 PM

Grass Fed Beef in Albuquerque

Hello, where do you buy your grass fed beef? I had been buying it from Kellers on Eubank but they seem to raise the price every 3 weeks. In about a year and half it has gone from 4.28 a pound to 6.90 a pound. I haven't been there in 2 weeks..Its probably more now.

Any cow shares available for grass fed beef?


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  1. I buy it at Keller's but you're right, the prices have been shooting up. Not sure why, but from my experience, they're an honorable business, so I've been sticking with them figuring they'll reduce the prices again when whatever situation caused the price hike passes. My sister and I have looked into getting a grass-fed animal straight from the farm, but in most cases the price ends up being more than at Keller's once you factor in the cost of slaughtering and processing. We also don't think we'll have enough freezer space even dividing half a steer between the two of us. You've probably found it already, but this site has the most comprehensive list of local producers I've seen: .

    Overall, L-6 Ranches seems like the best deal, coming in at around $5.50/lb.

    Oh, and sometimes they have pretty good prices on frozen organic grass-fed beef at Vitamin Cottage.

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      Thanks, I will look at Vitamin Cottage as well. I know Trader Joes has it sometimes, both fresh and frozen, but kellers seems to be leaner, which I like, and it makes better beef jerky. The higher the fat, the more chewy the jerky turns out. But Kellers seems to always be consistent. I have been waiting out the price hike too, but it does not seem to be at its peak yet...I asked them a few times about it, never received a great answer.

    2. We get our Colorado grass fed beef, pork and lamb from Kretsinger Beef in southern Colorado. They email you all the information on cuts, costs, how the animals are raised, fed and treated and you place an order. You don't have to buy a half cow or anything like that but I think they have a minimum of $60. Their ground beef is the only one we will eat now and we tried their summer sausage this year and it was fabulous.

      They come thru Santa Fe and ABQ about once every 4-5 weeks to deliver your order. We absolutely love their meats and they are real fine folks. I have information if anyone is interested. Next delivery is around October 6.

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        Yes, please forward the information. Thank you

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          Sandiasingh, about how much per pound is lean grassfed ground beef from Kretsingers?

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            Here is the email address for Trudi Kretsinger at Kretsinger Beef.


            Their ground beef is $6.00/lb for 1-10 lbs and $5.50/lb for over 10 lbs. Their summer sausage is also delicious.

            I have a pdf with detailed information if anyone would like to see it. Email me at I don't know how to post it here.

            Or just email Trudi directly and tell her Dawn Singh sent you her way.

            I have added someone else's order to mine if they just want to try a couple of things, so you could go together with a friend or I could help you out. Their ground beef is excellent--the only one we will eat now.

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                Thanks very much! Will definitely contact them.

          2. It is just a guess, but I would bet the problem is in the name, "grass" fed and there is a real shortage of grass. You may have noticed the multi-year drought in the west. Producers have either had to reduce the size of their herds or spend a lot trucking in feed from wetter areas. (and those are getting pretty scarce, too)

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              I would hope they are not trucking in feed, unless it's grass.

              I live in the "west", we are in a perpetual drought, except for now, we have record rain. So by your logic, I should expect the grass fed beef price to go down within the next year. There will now be an abundance of grass.

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                We're having record rainfall this week, but there still hasn't been enough rain to take us out of "extreme to exceptional" drought conditions in half of NM and "severe" conditions in the rest. I think, outside of the central valley, NM hasn't even got 70% of its usual rainfall this year, and I've seen how much worse in quality and higher in price the produce offerings are at the farmer's markets. The drought theory of higher grassfed beef prices makes sense to me.

            2. Quick reminder: Kretsingers grass-fed beef, pork, lamb providers, will be in Albuquerque and Santa Fe on Sunday, October 6. If anyone needs a price list, let me know. Their contact info is in the thread below.

              1. The Real Butcher Shop will open in Santa Fe in November. I believe it is owned by the people who own Pollo Real Chicken, then only organic chicken farm in New Mexico, to my knowledge. Their claim to have all "heritage" meats.

                They have a Facebook page where they are posting pictures of the interior and their sign. They are located next-door to the La Montanita Coop on West Alameda.