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Aug 24, 2013 06:11 PM

fee-fi-PHO-fum in Milwaukee

So...where can I pack away the best pho in Miltown?

Had what I thought was a delightful bowl at "Pho Viet" on South 27th for lunch today...but since I know next to nothing about what constitutes a good bowl, maybe I was operating under some sort of culinary delusion.

Was I?

Reassurance or edification gratefully accepted...

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  1. Pho Hai Tuyet II at Blue Port (brown deer & Port Washington) is # 1 on my list as the best pho & Vietnamese food. But Pho 43 on Miller Park way & Pho Lovers on Hwy 100 just south of Good Hope are also both excellent as well. You wouldn't go wrong with any of these 3. Must also mention the little food area in the Asian/ Hmong market on 76th & Mill Rd. Pho seems really popular there & probably exactly what you would get in the "old country". Haven't tried it there, but it always looks really good.

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      Thank you for the suggestions, ciao59chow. Just like the Prefect of the Parisian police in Poe's "The Purloined Letter" the truth was right in front of me. Just last week, I had a great chicken curry in the Hmong Market cafe and noticed that most of the customers were enjoying steaming and exotic looking pho, served up in gigantic bowls. Why I didn't remember this scene when I wrote my query yesterday is anyone's guess.

      So... the Hmong Market Cafe on 76th Street it is! I'll give it a go and report back soon.

      If this sort of thing keeps up, I'll be a good candidate to become the Prefect of the Parisian police....

      1. re: ciao59chow

        PHOtographic evidence of PHOnomenal PHO at PHO Hai Tuyet on Brown Deer Road.

        Thank you for the recommendation....

      2. Well, don't bother with Pho 43. It has closed according to the local paper. Was open from February 2010, but no more. Too bad-- they served a good hearty bowl of soup...

        1. I have had above average at two places.
          Sorry, I cannot remember names, but two intersections.
          Brown Deer and Port Washington, going east on Brown Deer in the strip mall.

          Mequon rd and port Washington rd, going west on Mequon. Buried deep in the first strip mall past the PNC bank. A friend who came from Vietnam loves the place.