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Aug 24, 2013 05:04 PM

Four Seasons Trattoria South Yarmouth Mass. Reviews please

Heading down to the Cape again for our last vacation of the year. We will be staying in the Yarmouth area this time. One of the places we have not tried is Four Seasons in the old Friendly's building on RT. 28. The place always looks packed but, so is The Pancake Man. ( Not a favorite of mine.) Have any of you hounds been there? How is it? If a no go, where to go in a close proximity?

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  1. Normally we don't think of going for italian food while on the cape. But, we found ourselves here and was really quite good. Nothing inventive really, classic italian-american dishes like veal marsala, etc. Everything was quite flavorful and well made. Recommend if you need a break from seafood.

    1. I thought it was a pretty good step up from your typical Italian/American fare. Fresh house made pastas and whole fish (branzino) were nice touches. My thoughts are here:

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        We had dinner at Four Seasons Saturday night. They were slammed, but the food was still very good. Luigi & Manny were run ragged. Hope it slows down after Labor Day.

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          We wnt last night. Thanks all for the tip. Great dinner and glad we made reservations!

      2. Best Italian in that area is Norabella. It's not of the red-sauce-sytle - - - menu is more Northern Italy inspired.
        Excellent veal.

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          Have you tried Four Seasons? I was impressed. The knock on Norabella is it's beyond cramped and tiny. For the best authentic Italian you still have to try L'Osteria la Civetta in Falmouth. No one comes even close to it's quality and authenticity.

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            I didn't get to 4 Seasons this trip... we were only there for 3 nights and 1 was in Martha's Vineyard and we hit Ocean House with our other dinner out. I may have 1 more weekend up there in Sept and I do want to try 4 Seasons.

            Norabella is very tiny... but sometimes there is a charm to that. But you'll need reservations for sure because there are so few tables!

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              You'll need a reservation at Four Seasons also. But not because it has so few tables, but because the food is so good and such a good value. It would be hard to call Norabella the best in the area when you have never eaten at Four Seasons. No?

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                So good we went back again tonight. Two nights in one week. Had to have the linguini and clam sauce. Not disappointed.

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            I finally decided to try Norabella last night and found it decidedly meh. I had the seafood fra diavolo special--oversauced and underspiced. My husband said his chicken Napolitano special was only average, and my teenaged son picked at his ragu Bolognese over penne (he said mine is much better). While I am admittedly picky about my Italian food, having travelled there extensively, I was disappointed by the meal.

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              I've been 3 or 4 times to Norabella and never had an oversauced experience, which is one of the primary reasons I liked them, so hopefully your's was an offnight and not trend. As for the Bolognese, their version is a bit different and really not a true Bolognese at all... more of penne with meat sauce and meatballs and sausage.
              I will say that if you are picky about your Italian food you probably aren't going to find anything in the mid-Cape that is truly satisfying.
              Going back to the original post, I did make it to Four Seasons towards the end of last summer. Dishes were all OK but not great. I did think several of them were overly sauced (red heavy). I personally would put Four Seasons a notch above Girardi's but a notch below Norabella. I do still think Norabella's is the best Italian option in the mid-Cape, so if you have some favorite recommendations in the area I'd love to hear!
              I do plan to hit some of the recommended Italian places in Falmouth this year to see how they compare.

          3. O.K. here is the review....... We went on Sunday night late around 8:00. The place was still packed so, we decided to get take out. We got the roasted veg antipasti and seafood antipasti. Both were fantastic. Hands down best on the Cape as far as I am concerned. For our main dishes, my wife had a stuffed chicken dish with pasta and I had veal with pasta. The kids ordered chicken fingers and salad. Once again, I would have to say, best on the Cape food quality wise. They gave us a full loaf of high quality bread, a container of butter, grated cheese, salad dressing and, a tub of extra pasta sauce. It was very nice to see they took the extra steps in providing you with those items for take out. I would get take out from them again with out any hesitation. We did not dine in but, here are the observations I made. The place is very small and cramped.(not intimate) The clientèle was 50 years plus.(Not a bad thing). I would not bring young children here. I am a firm believer in not upsetting others around you while they are trying to have a nice meal. One last thing I did notice was the smell when you walked in. MOTH BALLS. I know it is damp but, that smell almost made me walk right out the door. I am glad I did not. Food quality and take out preparation gets 4 stars. Price also gets 4 stars. You get what you pay for plus at this place. As far as dining in, I will have to report back at a later time. Good job Four Seasons, you are now the top pick for non seafood on the Cape for my family.

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              Funny about the mothballs, I did not notice it at all BUT there were mostly elderly on our visit, Labor Day Monday. Wayyy too loud and crowded for my taste but tasty hot food and great servers. I'd go back in the dead of winter when it might be less crowded. I like the intimacy factor when dining and that's absent here...

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                Nice review Joseph...I also did not notice a moth ball smell. My guess is it was one of the older patrons, and not the room itself. On my single visit, the room was filled with varied ages, not just seniors. There was a large table by us of a family with several children and I noted that one was eating a hamburger and fries, and the other pasta and butter, neither of which is on the menu. I was impressed with this accommodation. Although I've only been the once (asking myself now WHY is that?) from what I hear, it's packed every night, even in the off season. So if you're looking for intimate, you need to go elsewhere. But going elsewhere will certainly mean that you will get inferior food, at least in the Mid Cape. The other Italian restaurants in this area pale in comparison so I'm willing to put up eating in a converted Friendly's to get it.