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Aug 24, 2013 04:39 PM

wendy's 8/24/13

love the variety of items - broccoli, baked potato, chili, fish and chicken sandwiches that look really good.

this visit I tried the pretzel burger (bun is chewy pretzel, I liked it a lot) with two patties. you can get up to three 1/4 lb patties. the patties were actually a little pink on the inside and juicy. real cheese, what looked like local garden lettuces (dark green with frilly purple edges, dunno what that type of lettuce is called), thick pieces of red onion, real bacon.

also had chocolate frosty, they come in S M Lg now, and there is a vanilla flavor too. a little melty by the time I got home, but fine.

I would eat here often if I lived closer to the Nimitz area and were not on a diet (today is cheat day). also they are open 8a to 3a, so keep it in mind for a late night food run.

favorite fast food restaurant!

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  1. Oddly enough at ate lunch (at an off hour) yesterday at Wendy's as well. Haven't been to a Wendy's in years. Had the pretzel bun burger (one patty) fries and medium drink (medium combo meal). Ate in. Price with tax was $7.99. I really liked the 100 variety pop machine in store. Had the diet raspberry coke and the diet mello yello grape. I was tired and hot so my appetite was off. Wasn't overly excited about the handcut fries. The bun was good. Better than a boring white bun, but not crazy spectacular. Burger was fine, lots of bacon, and the greens were the nicest I've seen in fast food. For the price and realizing too late I was more thirsty than hungry I should have gone for the jr. bacon cheeseburger.

    1. You can do worse than a Wendy's baked potato topped with chili, sour cream, chives, and hot sauce.