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Caterer - for Holiday Party

Planning extra early! Looking for full-service caterer for a private party for around 70 at a personal residence. Heavy apps type menu. Any recos? Already getting estimates from Tender Greens and Joan's. Will probably look into Auntie Em's too. TIA!

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    1. Check out Taste of Pace, especially the reviews for event catering on their Yelp page http://www.yelp.com/biz/taste-of-pace...

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        Is this related to the restaurant Pace on Laurel Canyon?

        EDIT: Just checked the site, and see it's not related :)

      2. Are you looking for a caterer out of a restaurant or any one that is really good? And what side of town are you on?

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          Thanks for all the replies so far.

          Any one that is really good, doesn't need to be a restaurant. IN the West Side.

        2. Barbrix caters and the food is delicious.

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            Thank you for this suggestion. I did not relaize they are the same as Cooks County. We may use them :)

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              Same owners, different chefs and very different menus.

          2. Sorry this took me so long to get, I don't see her often when we're not in school. She'd be happy to work with you and is a very lovely lady. Good luck!

            DjN12F@gmail.com is her email address.

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              Thanks! What is her name and does she have a company name?

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                You're very welcome! Her name is Chris. I can't remember what she called her company previously, now she just goes by her full name.

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                  I emailed Chris but have not heard back.

            2. WWW.bitecatering.net

              I would call Elizabeth. I loved her food at Bite Bakery. Website looks good and she was very nice

              1. Thanks so much everyone for the awesome suggestions. I reached out to every caterer/restaurant suggested and it boiled down to cost for how much we got (we had a fairly limited budget). And the the winner = Bite Catering. They have been really awesome to work with, flexible with the menu and offered suggestions on how to cut costs (like use our own platters, versus having them supply them). Thanks again! I'll for sure report back after the party.

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                  Hooray! Glad I could be of help.

                2. Try The Market Grill in Monrovia....fabulous!

                  1. Try the Kitchen for Exploring Foods in Pasadena. They're total pros and the food is great.

                    1. I just wanted to report back on our caterer. Thank you again for all the suggestions!!

                      We used Bite Catering and they were really wonderful! They worked within our budget and provided delicious food and awesome staff. Highly recommend them and would definitely use in the future.

                      Here are some food pics: