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Aug 24, 2013 03:31 PM

Italian Winemaker garners outrage with racist facebook comment

I do not allege that it is authentic and that his page hasn't been hacked, or that the comment from "him" is his either. Just worth noting.

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  1. It seems Fulvio Bressan is having a mental breakdown. He really should seek some professional help. Also, "Wine Maverick"? Please, give me a break!

    1. Look at the comments section in that link. Bresssan actually posts two lengthy comments himself. All very odd.

      1. What's his label? I wanna make sure I NEVER buy any of his product.

        1. " do not allege that it is authentic" , "been hacked", "or that the comment from "him" (is authentic) . Then why is it worth noting? Totally unverified on all count, unsubstantiated by your own words! Gossip of the worst kind!

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          1. re: Edwardrae

            Katie Parla has some background.
            Never had Bressan's wine, and not likely to start now.

          2. He's been cut from Slow Food's next wine guide as well because of this:
            (Scroll down on the page for English)

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