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Aug 24, 2013 03:15 PM

SuDam let down... (Mountainvew/Los Altos)

I thought i would try out SuDam Korean in anticipation of taking my relatives there and was pretty disappointed. From the non-existent ambiance to the overpriced bland (tofu mushroom) greasy (seafood pancake) and non existent beef in beef ramen (3 bowls worth), and the straw was the discussion with the waitress about whether we could have the "free appetizers". There was one other table occupied and the service was way slow, replenishing the small bowls and water only once upon request.
All in all, I was expecting a step up from Tofu House and it was definitely not. Too bad. Next up in my pre-relatives testing, back-a-yard...

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  1. I agree; tried them twice, as we are looking for a change from Sunnyvale's Olleh, which has Japanese and Korean dishes. Check their menu - their tofu soup is quite good and short ribs are tasty, although a bit gristly. We aren't into the Japanese side of their menu, but we do enjoy lunch there a few times in a month...

    1. Whoa, sorry for the bum steer. I go there at lunch. The place is usually half full, and I always get the dijie bulgoki. The panchan are ok, the pork is well marinated. I sometimes have a co-worker along, and we enjoy talking. The I leave.

      I'm glad you tried it ahead of the actual parents arrival.

      1. The specialty here is soon doo boo. Can't recall seeing ramen on the menu. Are you sure you didn't go to the Japanese place next door?


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          Yes, I had the mushroom soon doo boo. extremely bland, had to add soy sauce which i have never, ever done.

          yes. they have ramen and a large selection of noodle dishes. the difference between the noodles beef and the ramen noodles w beef and veg was only the noodle. duplicate everything else including the dearth of beef and using what i suspect is the liquid from the kimchi for the broth. really poor.

        2. I don't know if you're still looking for Korean places or not. But you may want to check out Jang Su Jang in Santa Clara. I haven't been there myself but my sis in laws are Koreans and they always go there when they're in town. It's also next to a Korean food court so lots of other things to check out.

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            Jang Su Jang is probably the best Korean restaurant in the Bay Area now, followed by Ohgane in Oakland (less upscale). I actually like SuDam, but I can surely understand why some people find the food there bland. The owner told me they don't use any MSG.