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Aug 24, 2013 02:59 PM

Twin Palms Pasadena? Again??

Just drove by on De Lacey after an Apple Store visit this afternoon (Saturday), and while waiting at the light noticed the gates open and people sitting at tables in a welcoming and tidied-up space. So is it re-opened then, after all this time? I always liked the space and ambience, not so much the food, even less the prices, but I'd think some smart outfit could make a decent place out of it. I've not noticed anything on Squid Ink or any other buzz channels - did I just miss it? Anybody got a clue?

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  1. I was under the impression it had remained open for special events, parties, etc.. I could be wrong.


      I went a few weeks ago to hear a friend's "upscale jazz, rhythm, and blues" band was good.

      edit: okay, to be fair, they've cleaned up the place nicely, but the overall ambiance still feels more "lounge-y" than restaurant to me...the prices are still on the higher end (drinks $12-15ish), and the appetizers we had were plated with too much effort on presentation for rather blah shellfish and meze type stuff. I didn't do the ordering or pay so cant speak to the full menu or pricing overall. I think they are still playing with the menu. At night, it feels like more Hollywood than Pasadena...maybe if they're open for brunch?

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        That does not sound encouraging … I was hoping to see this place emerging under someone who cared about the food first. Even the Smith Brothers would be better than its previous masters, may God forgive me for saying that …

        It's tragic that such a pretty, inviting venue should be one damn shlockerama after another. Yeah, Costner was a partner in the original and I think passed it off as a divorce thing. Just plain sad.

      2. We used to go there a lot. Food was okay, nothing exceptional, but it is a great space. How long has it been gone? Wasn't it owned by Kevin Costner's wife, as a settlement for their divorce or something like that? Brings back memories of some after work, happy hour fun......

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