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Overdone Eye Round Roast - Need creative ideas.

Tried the method of cooking a 3 lb eye round roast with the 7 minute per pound at 500 degrees and shutting the oven off. Did some errands and came back two hours later. The internal temperature was 145 degrees.

Letting it rest now, but wondering what other suggestions people have for it's use. We like rare beef, so I thought 2 hours would be fine.

Can I slice, dice or do something else for another type of meal? Slow cooker to shred it later? I know that it's a very lean type of meat and at this temp, it's very tough and chewy right now.

Thank goodness it was on sale!! Love my new stove, but I think it holds the higher temps much longer than older ones.

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  1. I have used leftover roast to make steak sandwiches, slice thin, sauté onions, peppers, mushrooms melt some cheese and there you are.

    Also sliced thin in a quesadilla

    1. You can slice very thinly for quesadillas or sandwiches. I recently served thinly-sliced eye round reheated (!!!!) in beef broth to my husband and he loved it. I think the thin slicing is key.

      If you don't want to go that route, you could try cooking it in broth and red wine for a pot roast. I've had great success with that as well.

      1. You can dice it into small cubes with potatoes and onions for roast beef hash.

        1. You could make some sort of twice cooked Szechuan dish, or maybe orange beef.
          You could add Greek spices and make a gyro. Of course lamb would be better, but a lot of gyros these days are from a pressed mix of beef and lamb and who knows what else.
          I have tossed a very fine mince of assorted bits of meats into broth to make a Bolognese before. As long as there are some other things in there like some pancetta it is actually pretty good.
          SOS is always a hit as long as there are no sailors or soldiers around to complain and say they don't like it. (I don't believe it.)
          Speaking of the Navy, maybe an old fashioned wardroom style curry, although, again, the traditional and preferred meat is lamb.

          1. Mince it in the the blender by means of the pulse button. Mix with lots of bread crumbs, eggs, bit of tomato paste, maybe sauteed onions in mix and spice to taste.
            Form into loaf or patties. Bake. Eat and enjoy I hope.

            Too much meat for use in dumplings, kreplech or pierogies.

            Let us know what you did with it.

            1. French dip sandwich. The jus should help a lot.

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                I second the roast beef sandwiches, perhaps a steak salad.. i make a salt roasted beef often with an eye of the round but the leftovers tend to get even tougher with any reheating

              2. Thanks for the suggestions! I used my Chef Choice slicer and was actually able to slice it very thin. I guess over cooked meat slices much better. Normally the rare meat doesn't slice so well with it.

                Made steak sandwiches with fixings and was impressed that the kids ate it without complaining. I guess waiting until they were starving works well. :)

                I wish I had the flour tortillas as the quesadillas is a great idea!!

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                  Next time make fresh tortillas. They are easy, quick, fun to make, and good. Cook in an ungreased CI skillet or on a griddle.

                2. Maybe sauerbraten in reverse order, and cook off the vinegar after a three day marinade?