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Aug 24, 2013 02:15 PM

New gelato place in West Islip, Long Island

New gelato place, New York Gelato just opened today on Montauk Hwy, just east of Robert Moses Causeway (cross street is McCall). They're giving out samples of many flavors, so got to try quite a few. Ones I really liked:

Bananas Foster
Chocolate Grand Marnier
Mojito (was expecting the worst but it really works)
Chocolate Brandy Caramel

Other flavors too mostly all good. Only one I tried that I didn't like was honey lavender. He did warn me in advance it was for lavender lovers only.

After samples, I got a cup of the Bananas Foster and thoroughly enjoyed.

There's a pretty steady flow of people already so go soon if you want to get in on the tasting.

He said there will be 40 flavors changing daily (or at least as quickly as they sell). They will also have sorbetto though none there when I was there.

Place will also have coffee, espresso drinks and teas.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Do they make it there? Do they have a web site?

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    1. re: Scott_R

      All made in house, not sure if the base is bought or not but the flavorings are all done there. No web site I could find yet and no cards or anything yet. I'm sure I'll be back there soon and will post more details.

    2. Very good went with husband right after spending day at Robert Moses, great place to go after the beach to cool down. I really like the vanilla blueberry flavor. I will be definitely be going back soon - Maura

      1. Went there and was put off that none of the flavors are labeled. I asked if there was a list of what was what and the guy asked "well what do you like?"

        Not something I can respond to: the answer is, "whatever's good that catch's my attention" (he was looking for "chocolate" or "fruit" or whatever). I don't want to look at a few dozen things and keep pointing and asking "what's that?" What's that? What's that?"

        I need a frame of reference, to know what the choices are and so I can refine the selection from that. The guy had grabbed a bunch of tasting spoons but I don't want to randomly taste a lot of different things, maybe just the one or two that I had settled on on my own after reviewing the flavor choices.

        He seemed annoyed by my hesitation, saying (more than once) that they keep selling out of things and don't have the time to put signs up.

        So, I ended up thanking him and walking out.

        1. Went to New York Gelato tonight after dinner in Bayshore. In reply to the poster who commented on the lack of flavor signs, all I can say is the gelato needed no labels. I could see that deep golden gelato was wonderful mango. With so many favors, I will be back to try the berry merlot, the apple pie, the limoncello and I'll work my way through the list!

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          1. re: ReenieG

            How did you know the golden gelato was mango and not apricot? What makes you think there's merlot in the berry flavor? Which berries are in there, for that matter? I've never seen apple pie gelato, how do you know it was apple pie and not just apple? I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between lemon and limoncello from just looking at it. Sounds to me like labels are sorely needed.

            1. re: Chris VR

              I agree, and I'm also wondering what "list" ReenieG is going to work through, when Scott already said there is NO list.

              1. re: coll

                It's a shame, really, and not a statement on the quality of the product.

                I feel like I'm missing out without that list: if I don't ask what everything is (something I really don't want to do) it seems that I'll basically be ordering from whatever he happens to suggest or that I randomly point at, and it being just random chance that I've ordered what I would really like.

                I found a Facebook page for them, and sent them a message detailing the above.


                1. re: Scott_R

                  I'll be in that area today, but not sure I really want to go through the 20 question deal. I'll stick to Snowflake for now! At least they aren't shy about their flavor selections. That whole comment about not having time to label the selections annoys me, I mean it takes long enough to make it, how long to pull a pre-printed sign out of a drawer? Not the way for a new business to respond to a new customer.

                  1. re: coll

                    I contacted the owner with my concerns, including a pointer to this thread, and it looks like signs are in-process.

          2. Finally made it there.
            Everything's labeled (yay!); I bought two scoops (coconut, pistachio), and a take-home pack. Interesting way of doing the latter: instead of getting pints, you get insulated packs with 7 or 14 (or was it 15?) scoops. Best part of that: you can ask for ALL DIFFERENT FLAVORS. How's that for sampling?

            So, the short: it was very good. Excellent. I didn't have any of the take-home pack yet, but if it's anything like the two flavors I had there, this is going among the top picks of my LI ice cream places.