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SF 'hounds need lunch help near North Hills

SF Bay Area 'hound's will be visiting relatives who live in North Hills. On Tuesday, we'd like to take them out to lunch in the area.

Yelp wasn't much help, but Chowhounds are gold. Is there anyone who knows the area, and can help us out with a good, sit-down lunch place in North Hills, or near by?

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  1. You are not too far from Brent's Deli in Northridge. One of the best Jewish delis in all of LA. Wonderful Black Pastrami Rubeun & Smoked fish plates. In fact almost every thing on their gigantic menu is really good.

    1. I've had good food and service several times at the Original Khung Dang Thai restaurant on Sepulveda just south of Roscoe. Technically Van Nuys, I think, but a quick drive from North Hills. Try the catfish larb.

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        by the way, by a 'quick drive' I mean no more than several miles, and you don't have to get on the 405 :-)

      2. Try CF Food Kitchen in Granada Hills (corner of Woodley & Devonshire).

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          you beat me to it, that was what i was going to mention.

          even though i haven't been yet.

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            Chef Edwing worked in DC, but moved out here to open a small place. Food's good, prices are reasonable. I've even had him cater a few family parties. Definitely worth checking out.

        2. Just remembered the name of another place where I've had a good lunch in the SFV: House of Shish Kabob in Chatsworth. The dolma and ground chicken kabob were my favorites, but then I am a sucker for dolma. large portions. It is a bit of a drive from North Hills, however (perhaps 15 - 20 minutes at mid day). Halal, no alcohol served.

          I've been searching for the perfect sit down Mexican place in North Hills ever since my daughter moved there several years ago. Some good taco places, and Siete Mares is ok if you order carefully, but nothing really grabs me. Someone had also mentioned a really great paleta place in the area but I think that must be a myth (would love to be proved wrong...)

          1. What kind of cuisine are you looking for?

            No too far is an Argentine place called Mercado Buenos Aires at 7540 Sepulveda Blvd and Saticoy down the 405. It's a combo market (small) and sit down diner style in the other side of the building. The service isn't the greatest but the food is quite tasty, plentiful, and decently priced.

            Another poster recommended Brent's Deli. I would also have to concur.

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              There's another Argentinian place called Buenos Aires Grill on Nordhoff and Corbin. I've had very good luck there. Both the food and the service are quite good.

            2. Amazing Thai Bar & Grill on Mason Ave in Chatsworth. Really good Thai, in a strip mall.

              I give all the credit to MarkC on this one. We were doing business in the area, and found it. Terrific food. Satisfied my picky husband who craves Thai green curry....constantly.


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                Thanks. I likes to eat.

                Amazing Thai is a little far from North Hills. If you like Mexican, La Asuncion Family Restaurant has the best mole I can remember having.

                La Asuncion Family Restaurant
                8712 Sepulveda Blvd
                North Hills, CA 91343
                Phone number (818) 891-3635

                If you want diner food, Horseless Carriage restaurant is a part of the Ford dealership, and gets great reviews on Yelp, but I've never been.

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                  Mark, if you're a mole fan, have you tried "Rocio's Mole de los Dioses" in Sun Valley? The chef is from another great mole place (Moles a la Tia). I haven't been yet but plan to on the way home after work sometime.

                  1. re: granadafan

                    Hi Granadafan;

                    I've posted on Rocio's several times. It gets a lot of love, but I'm not a fan, mostly for reasons that have nothing to do with the mole sauce. I far, far, far prefer La Asuncion. Give it a try, if you're ever in the neighborhood.

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                    Horseless Carriage is a good enough, retro, coffee shop at Galpin Ford on Roscoe, located between the 405 & Sepulveda. I use it as a good mid-way place to have lunch with a friend from Valencia - convenient to both, sort of.

                    As to your dislike/distaste for Rocio's, if it is not the mole, then what else is it? I have eaten once at the Tarzana location with a Mexican friend and we both liked it.

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                      I've posted on it a couple of times, and don't want to burden the thread too much. Basically, I find the surroundings drab and depressing, and the food strangely bland and WASP-ified. The mole sauce may be good, but the only choice is to have it over a plain pork or chicken cutlet, with a small mound of white rice and sautéed vegetables. What if I want mole enchiladas? Where are the beans, where are the chips and salsa, where is the cha cha cha? Where is the picture of the Virgin Mary? This place reminds me of dinner with my (non-Mexican) grandmother at the old age home.

                      It's got to be about more than just the sauce. This place is a little to lifeless to call itself a Mexican restaurant.

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                        I stick to the SV locale, and if you prefer enchiladas, they do have 2 kinds of enchiladas, and also enmolados made with the original mole poblano. And my personal favorite, enfrijoladas, which I think are the bomb!

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                        The story (from the salesmen) is that the chef was once the personal chef to the Boeckmann family... Considered a hidden gem for old time Valley families. The meals are hearty! And they would send me over to the restaurant for prime rib or salmon whenever I'd buy a new car.

                  3. While I'm still trying to find the time to drive out here from my neighborhood on the west side, there have been some very good posts about Joe's Cafe http://www.joescafegh.com/ in Granada Hills (maybe 5 miles or so from N Hills via surface streets).

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                      Joe's Cafe is quite good. I've been there for breakfast on the weekends. It takes some time to get seated but the staff is very attentive. You should have an easier time on a weekday. I haven't tried any of the lunch items but the breakfast is great.

                      1. re: Servorg

                        Servorg, don't drive all the way from the west side to come to Joe's. Few dining experiences would be worth such a trip. I was originally a fan of Joe's, but then had a terrible hamburger for lunch, and haven't been back. The patty was dense and rubbery, and they tried to make it "special" by loading it up with overly sweet relishes and fatty sauces (a phenomenon I described in an earlier post).

                        On the positive side, I had a great pulled pork sandwich on an earlier visit, and the breakfasts are good. The premises are a bit cramped, though, and I found it rather pricey as well.

                        1. re: MarkC

                          If I come out to try Joe's it would be for breakfast. I do nearly the same drive for breakfast on Sundays at Brent's Deli in Northridge on a semi-regular basis (every couple of months, or so), so the drive wouldn't deter me. Expensive? With omelets at $6.99 that would be on the low side for a lot of the places over this way.

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                            If you come that far for breakfast, then you might think of trying the Country Deli on Topanga Canyon for variety. I haven't been yet, but it gets great reviews on Yelp. Some say it rivals Brent's.

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                              Is that the one at the base of Fernwood? Or is it up by the new library?

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                                Gee, I'm not sure. The one I'm thinking of is on Topanga Canyon and I think Lassen, in Chatsworth.

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                                  Oh, sorry when you wrote Topanga Canyon, I guess I was thinking of it actually being IN Topanga, not just on Topanga cyn blvd.....

                              2. re: MarkC

                                Country Deli is good, but not quite as good as Brent's. It's a nice place to have nearby, and I go there often for breakfast (it isn't as crowded as Brent's). However, I wouldn't drive over the hill for it.

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                                  Do they have the same owner. I used to go there in the 80s

                                  1. re: Kalivs

                                    As far as I know, it's the same owners, but I could be wrong.

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                              I love Joe's, mostly local purveyors, the oj is fresh squeezed from fruit from the original Granada Hills groves, and the pork products from Somis/Moorpark.

                          2. Cha Cha Chicken on Parthenia near Balboa has a good buffet lunch.

                            1. You LA hounds are great. Thanks for all the suggestions and comments. As often happens, things changed, and we ended up having lunch at the restaurant at the Getty Center.

                              However, several of your recommendations were tempting---I was particularly intrigued by CF Food Kitchen. So, we'll keep them in mind for the next visit, and pass them on to the relatives that live there.