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Aug 24, 2013 11:15 AM

Lobster in Rhode Island question...

i heard port judith is a good and cheap place to buy live lobster does anyone know when would be the best time to go to the docks and purchase them???
also is there a cheaper place to get them?

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  1. Late morning early afternoon. Head down the escape road into galilee, turn right at end of the road and go to the docks just before the bridge to great island. You will find lobsterman selling right off the boat.

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    1. re: FjmArch

      in that same area are there any clamming spots?

    2. Ask for the Hard Shell Lobsters. If they are molting the meat loss is about at least 35% these lobsters are usually sold to restaurants for the cheap lobster meals.

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      1. re: Frank Terranova

        soft shell taste better, are easier to shell and are less expensive.

        1. re: harryharry

          You are mostly correct except for taste, which is purely a matter of opinion.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            No I don't think it's opinion - it's fact - ;-)

      2. "Is there a cheaper place to get them?"

        Seeing the above inquiry prompted me to mention DeMoulas' Market Basket (a MA chain; there is a store just off Rt. 495 in Bellingham): They have featured live, soft-shell lobsters for $3.99/lb. for weeks; any size, any quantity. When the hard-shelled lobsters are abundant, they usually have the cheapest price around. I got a four-pounder this spring for $5.99/lb., and it was full of sweet, tender meat.

        There must be other good options in southern RI, but for us in northern RI, Market Basket is it and well worth the ride.