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Aug 24, 2013 11:11 AM

Sur le fil, 14eme

Another August bistro discovery which might also interest t19103 who seems to be eating in our neighbourhood too.
Run by a husband (chef) & wife (front of house) and just round the corner from the bright lights of Montparnasse. I believe it opened earlier this year.
The dining room is semi-divided into three because of the long narrow premises but it's nicely decorated and not at all gloomy.
The menu offers 4 choices for each course with a weekday lunchtime prix fixe of 22 euros.
We started with one salad of razor clams & mussels with basil cream and one grilled vegetables. The latter sounds uninteresting but was more than the sum of its parts: lightly cooked vegetables with great seasoning and herbs, a really good summer starter. Mains were lamb gigot with polenta & parmesan and cod with spinach & pureed celeriac. Both had tasty sauces. Desserts: mirabelles with vanilla ice-cream and figs with confit lemon cream, almond ice-cream & pieces of meringue.
It's one of those places where the dishes are far more inventive than you might expect from the description on the menu.
A word of warning, the wine list is pricey. We settled for a bottle of the house red from Languedoc Roussillion which was unexpectedly served chilled.
With the current LaFourchette offer, two meals & wine came to 72.20 euros. Highly recommended.

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