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Aug 24, 2013 10:54 AM

Suggest fun food and drink northern bergen or passaic.

Hello everyone!

Long time foodie new to the site. Been to all the heavy hitters, and many of the hidden gems in the aforementioned area.

Looking for something different. Good drinks and great food like grilled meats, burgers, chicken etc. Maybe like an outback but local and better. Don't have to be exactly like that though.

Not a dive, but not highbrow either. Look forward to the suggestions!

Edit: Okay, now that I am not mobile...

Looking for a place with great food, but still fun. Can be chix wings, burgers what ever. I have go-tos for Italian, steak, Turkish, Korean, Seafood, but no good balanced American joint.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. It's very casual but if your looking for great wings, I like Sharky's Wings & Raw Bar in Clifton.

    1. Biggie's on route 17 in Carstadt. It has casual food and fun bar feel.

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        For northern Bergen County, Peppercorns in Park Ridge. If you want to cross the border into Rockland County, The Saloon in Pearl River.

      2. I like the bar menu at The Brick House (Wyckoff)...just had an excellent burger there and a blue cheese wedge salad. The bar is casual, but depending on when you go you might see some people in slacks, dressed a bit more than casual, etc. I went there in jeans and a polo shirt. Mostly everyone was casual, jeans, etc.

        I also had good food -- burgers, sandwiches, etc. -- at Shannon Rose on Rt. 17N (Ramsey), but that is not the Passaic County. It's a step up from a pub-grub kind of place IMO.

        Is Bistro 55 (Rt. 17S in Rochelle Park) closed already?

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          Yes, Bistro 55 is closed. I was going to suggest Shannon Rose in Clifton; it's at the opposite end from Target, behind the big Barnes & Noble. I'm a fan of their burgers and don't get over there often enough. Loud live bands some nights, lots of football on others

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            Thought so...thanks. SR in Clifton is an option too. I've been to both -- for whatever reason, I like Ramsey better. Maybe it's just the crowd, bands, etc., I don't know. LOL. On the other hand, between ZinBurger in Clifton and Paramus -- it's Clifton hands-down. I just haven't had as good burgers, prepared as well, to order, etc. in Paramus. The layout is a bit different, and service in Paramus was a bit off for me the few times I've been there.

        2. Quinta Steakhouse in Pearl River. Not an aged-steak place, but serviceable steaks, and very good American food.