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Aug 24, 2013 09:19 AM

Downtown San Antonio - What is not to miss food?

My son is in San Antonio for navy medic A school until December. He is a real foodie. Any recs downtown? Any great tasting cuisine will do; but not Italian.

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  1. Two wonderful resto on South Alamo....LeFritte and Azuca
    one French/Belgian bistro, the other Latin American, then
    there's the Monterey, Bliss, and a John Besh restaurant I can't remember the name of, but someone at the hotel can tell you. IMHO, most on the Riverwalk are drek, excepting Boudro's (Cajun inspired). Fine dining, Las Canarias, in the
    Maison del Rio Hotel always pleases and if $$ are no problem, don't miss Biga on the Banks. I know you said No Italian, but we adore Jason Dady's "Tre" in the Fairmont hotel. Have a wonderful visit and good luck wishes to your son!

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      It's actually La Frite not LeFritte and it is good. The John Besh restaurant is Luke on Houston Street. There are lots of restaurants in The Pearl, Andrew Weismann is an excellent chef and has just opened Minnie's Tavern - it's great. I also like Feast on S. Alamo, they've got a good brunch.

    2. Besh's place is Luke
      I suggest he head up to Pearl Brewery, there are several fine restaurants.
      Nao, Sandbar, Arcade, The Granary, Il Sogno, La Gloria

      1. Restaurant Gwendolyn was one of the best meals I've had in a very long time, and they also just opened a ramen joint, Kimura, which I haven't tried yet but am looking forward to.