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I took a short stroll on Yonge St yesterday and noticed that the Buskerfest event on through tomorrow includes a number of food trucks and tents. Some of them are unsurprising (chip trucks, tiny donuts) but I was intrigued to see some of the local restaurants getting involved: Barberian's is selling pulled pork and roast beef sandwiches, and Salad King is selling mango salads. Anyone else come across anything noteworthy?

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  1. i saw a bunch of losers lined up for tiny slices of disgusting looking pizza, that's about it

    1. Last year the Sultan's Tent was selling Moroccan spiced brisket on a bun that was absolutely delicious for $5. If they are there again this year I would recommend. I will agree there was lots of uninspiring eats which made the local restaurants offering good stuff stand out more :)