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Aug 24, 2013 05:31 AM

Exhaust fan/vent for stove

We are looking at buying a new house. My son warned me that a lot of newer houses do not have exhaust fans for the stoves. I have a hard time believing that. I use mine all the time for excessive steam, smoke, or smelly food. He said his own house does not have one. The microwave over his stove has one, but it does not take the air out of the house. I would think a house would not pass inspection without proper exhaust fan.

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  1. That is the way it is these days.

    Our new home came standard with an above the range microwave that just recirculates the air...no exhaust.

    We upgraded to a 600cfm hood and had it exhausted outside the home.

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      What good is recirculating the same smokey, smelly air?

    2. House I grew up in (and grandparents' place) both had exhaust fan that had a vent on outside wall of house. In MY house, you couldn't actually SEE it working unless you went outside. One at Nana's, you could see it forced open by fan and close when fan was shut off.

      House I'm in now was built iin early 70's. There's a "exhaust" fan but think it just rapidly distributes stuff that might set off smoke alarm and doesn't remove it from kitchen??

      1. Depends on local building codes and where the stove is placed. An exterior wall is best as you want a short run. A long run allows the steam to cool and drip back into the hood or accumulate in the pipe. This is why commercial hoods are driven by fans at the exit.

        If this is a requirement for you, I would advise you to look at houses at least 30 years old, or be prepared to retrofit after your purchase. Depending on the stoves location, this could be easy, which translates to inexpensive.

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          I don't really want an over 30 year old house. That is what I have now. But for the right price and 30 or more acres, I might would go for it. My exhaust fan is over my stove and is piped through the ceiling into the attic, then the roof vents take it out from there. I know some stoves have a vent in the stove that takes it down and I don't know where it goes from their. Maybe the crawl space if there is one. I will deal with it if necessary. I was just surprised. Guess I could always open all the windows and set a fan in front of the window and blow the kitchen air out. Lol.

        2. In my neck of the woods, an exhaust fan was not required to pass inspection. We did a lot of pre construction planning and had the water, drain, gas and exhaust openings done during the framing stage.

          Ideally the exhaust should be next to an outside wall with a as short and straight as possible vent run. The exhaust tubes are wider than the width of a wall, so plan accordingly if you need run through an inside wall or roof. Exterior mounted motors are less noisy. Good Luck.