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Aug 24, 2013 01:02 AM

Pecan Oil?

Last night as I dressed my salad with walnut oil and tossed on some roasted pecans, I got to wondering why I don't see pecan oil in the grocery store. It seems kind of ironic to add toasted pecans to a walnut oil dressing (though I often use pine nuts, I just don't care for walnuts on a salad but love the oil). I also regularly use hazelnut oil for salads, peanut oil for cooking, and almond oil for cosmetic purposes. I know some people are big fans of macademia nut oil. Never tried mac oil, perhaps I should.

Anyway I found this on wikipedia, and this article on Serious Eats:

It seems that pecans are plentiful - they are the nut I buy most often, and I buy them regularly to ensure I always have at least half a pound on hand - so why isn't pecan oil as common as walnut oil? I would think the process to extract pecan oil would be similar to or the same as that used to extract walnut oil so it seems to me pecan oil should be as popular and marketed like walnut oil. I have never seen pecan oil in a store, but I would buy it in a heartbeat.

What are you thoughts on nut oils? Have you ever had pecan oil, and if so how was it?

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  1. There is a little company south of Lubbock, Texas whose raison d'etre is shelling pecans. They also sell pecan oil. I didn't buy any the last time out there, but I'm sorely tempted. Color me curious as well.

    1. I love all things pecan. Love picking them up behind the house in the fall... cracking and eating out of hand. Yum!! Love anything that includes pecans in any shape form or fashion. Seems I remember sometime back (years) I got a hold of a bottle of pecan oil...I was really excited about trying it. ~ If my memory serves me correctly I wasn't all that impressed with it. Can't remember how I tried it....other than a teaspoon just to taste. Didn't taste anything like I thought it would/should.

      1. I've seen it at fairway market here in nyc as i reached for my hazelnut oil (LOVE), haven't wanted to spend the $14 to satisfy my curiosity.
        Amazon has several, including this one: