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Aug 23, 2013 10:51 PM

Downtown Atlanta good, ethnic eats for Dragoncon?

Going to Dragoncon next weekend. Looking for good, unusual restaurants to try around the downtown area. Fun, ethnic is a plus. Or any weird late night food would be awesome!

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  1. These aren't exactly downtown but relatively close:
    Lunacy Black Market
    Nick's Food to Go

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    1. re: rcburli

      Thanks! Anything that's accessible by MARTA will work! I just don't want to be eating crummy pizza and food court food all weekend. I even found a place downtown that has take out including Ethiopian! Who knows!?

      1. re: ChowShoe

        You could check out the Sweet Auburn Curb Market.
        Besides all the cool stuff in there to look at, Bell St Burritos and Grindhouse Burgers are really good.

        1. re: ChowShoe

          Not exactly downtown, but you could take MARTA to the Chamblee Station and walk to the Chinatown Mall. I haven't been in a while, but the food court there had some great Chinese BBQ and Szechuan options. Not sure I'd do it late night (or even when they're open), but it's ethnic. Chinese always seems more fun to me with a group where you can order a bunch of stuff and share.

          Miso Izakaya on Edgewood is also very good- probably via a cab. Or you could just take the train to Decatur- lots of options there (Chai Pani for Indian is very good). The relatively-new Bhojanic next to Lenox mall is another Indian option (I love the original, but this one has had s-l-o-w service issues the two times we've been).

          1. re: ted

            Thanks everybody. We ended up catching dinner at Truva near the convention. It was pretty good and very close. And definitely healthier than many of the alternative places. I'll check out your recs. I really appreciate your input!