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Aug 23, 2013 10:47 PM

KCC Farmers Market vs. Kailua Farmers Market


We love our Farmers Markets. If I go to the Kailua FM on a Thursday, is it a repeat of essentially the same vendors on Saturday at the KCC FM? If I do one FM, should I bother going to the other one? Do you prefer one over the other?

I've never been to the Kailua one, only the KCC and we love it because of the blend of fresh produce with food stands.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. They are both run by the Hawaii Farm Bureau so there is significant overlap. If you do one, I say no need to do the other. You can check the list of vendors at the following websites.

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    1. re: killersmile

      Awesome. The vendors do look about the same. We'll probably head to the Kailua FM to check it out. Thank you!

    2. The same org also sponsors a Saturday 8-12 farmers market at Ala Moana shopping ctr, upper deck in front of Neiman Marcus. Not as many vendors as KCC, but not the massive influx of tourist groups that jam KCC so badly, that in the immortal words of Yogi Berra "it is so crowded nobody goes there anymore." KCC does have more prepared foods, and some of the vendors sell at both locations. Some differences: prices at KCC for some produce vendors seem lower (actually, there are fewer at AM); but on the other hand, Big Wave Tomatoes only does pizza at KCC while at AM they also sell their wonderful tomatoes.

      Some vendors at AM fled the craziness at KCC for the more relaxed pace at AM, plus parking is so much easier, even with the construction underway. Plus AM has live Hawaiian music.

      Not sure how to compare to Kailua, as I was only there once when they first opened.

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      1. re: macaraca

        That's wrong, the Ala Moana Market is run by a different org. It's the people who do the Haleiwa Farmer's Market as well as the Hawaii Kai Farmer's Market and the new Pearlridge Farmer's Market. Like you say, the vibe is a lot more relaxed and uncrowded. Most of the vendors at the two markets are different. You are right about some vendors leaving the KCC market for the Ala Moana market though. Another example besides Big Wave is Naked Cow Dairy who no longer does the KCC market. She claimed it was the politics of it all that prompted the change for them. I agree about Big Wave's tomatoes. Love them!

        1. re: killersmile

          Yes about Big Wave. Jeanne is a dear friend and I believe one of the hardest working women in farming. Kailua in my opinion is just morphing into a big food fair. It is difficult to shop for produce with the crowds. That and the fact they are all like zombies walking around not paying attention to anyone around them nor the traffic I find it annoying.

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            My bad...didn't realize it was a different sponsor...thanks for the info. I guess that is why they let vendors sell before the official start time of 8am, unlike KCC, where some vendors let you select, pay, and set aside purchases, but not take anything away until the horn goes off at 7:30.

            Another vendor that does both is Tsukiji Farm, which has nice greens, and I think the PacifiKool ginger people do both as well.

            They tried a Tuesday afternoon market at AM for a while, but that seems to have closed. Does the KCC market still run Tuesday afternoon?

            1. re: macaraca

              I think you mean Otsuji Farms. And yes, KCC still does Tuesday afternoons, but that market is more like the Wednesday Blaisdell market in size/feel than the Saturday market. Meaning it is smaller/less vendors but also less crowded. Not a lot of produce vendors, more food vendors.

              1. re: killersmile

                Yes, Otsuji...sorry bout dat. Will have to check the Tuesday KCC event again...had some good eats there before. I think the KCC Culinary program does plate lunches on Tuesday, while on Saturday, they only do pastries.

                1. re: macaraca

                  Right now though, because they are at the beginning of a new semester, I don't think the KCC Culinary program has a booth. They go according to the school schedule and usually operate a booth only during the middle to end of term, once they are comfortable enough to put out a consistent product.

                  1. re: killersmile

                    Went to KCC yesterday at 4 pm. About 20 vendors, at least half selling prepared foods, including pizza, ice cream, Thai, crepes. One large produce vendor and several smaller folks, plus the Ba-le bread and baked goods tent. They now are located in the landscaped area between the parking lot and the bus stop, more pleasant than on the blacktop. Saturdays there or at Ala Moana much bigger, but if you only have a Tuesday, worthwhile.

          2. re: macaraca

            Thanks! I did see that Ala Moana FM as well. We're planning on going to that one on Saturday instead of KCC.

            1. re: superangela

              AM was just rated one of the top 101 markets in the country by Eater.

          3. I would highly suggest checking out the Wednesday market at the Blaisdell