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Aug 23, 2013 07:06 PM

East Boothbay General Store

Can it be? Has no one posted about East Boothbay General Store (EBGS) before?

Just finished our 3rd trip to BBH - we love it, even it it's not culinary paradise for a bunch of mostly vegetarian folks with infants and kindergardners and 6pm bedtimes. But EBGS - just 10-15 min drive from town - is what I always hoped to find on our past trips: homey, cultivated, gourmet without being snooty. Blueberry & Gorgonzola pizza was excellent, as was lobster roll (I said mostly vegetarian), arugula salad. Will be back a ton next year.

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  1. And, they carry the world's best potato chips:

    Fox Family Chips