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Aug 23, 2013 06:55 PM

Fried pasta help?

I'd like to make fried pasta to dip into some amazing pasta sauces I have (I'm serving as an app), but I have no experience frying pasta, and little experience with deep frying, although I do have a deep fryer.

Can you tell me how to cook and fry the pasta? I'm assuming I will use bowties and/ or penne, but am open to suggestions. I'm also assuming I can use store bought dried pasta, but do I need to fully cook it or is par enough? And I have no idea or the fry temp or time.

I love to cook and experiment, but I have a newborn so I need to nail this. Thanks!

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      1. have had fried ravs, but bowties or penne are awfully small for dipping, don't you think? i'd pick something long and wide, like lasagne and break into big pieces.

        if you buy fresh, refrigerated, you won't need to cook it first, but dried you will.

        cook til al dente and fry til golden, but this stuff doesn't taste all that great unless it's hot. as with any kind of frying, make sure the oil stays hot, so you need to work in batches and not overcrowd the pan.