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Aug 23, 2013 06:51 PM

Request Updates/Additions On A 5 Day Stay

In town for Ponderosa Stomp this Oct 3 - 8. Three days at The Wyndham Riverfront and two at a B&B bordering the FQ. Are these old faves still good? Bayonne and Bon Ton Cafe for lunch. Casamento's and St Roch Market for po' boys. Brigsten's for duck and Herbsaint for whatever. Mr B's for bbq shrimp and Acme for bbq oysters. Original Camelia Grill I assume is still fine. According to reviews here I should probably try Boucherie, yes? Any recommendations and updates appreciated. Oh, and what's the best Cajun eatery in N.O. now? Thanks in advance!

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  1. My last lunch at Bon Ton was a disaster. The waitress totally messed up my meal and then lied about it being the kitchens fault. Then she totally ignored us the rest of the time. The food was just o.k. I won't go back. On the other hand lunch at Bayonnes was perfect. They so have it together there.
    New places we tried were Peche Seafood Grill - I have not stopped raving about it. Tableau - some of the best Tournedous I have ever had and they have demi-portions. We also had small plates at Kingfish and a good meal at Glavez.
    The bbq shrimp at Mr. B's is still wonderful. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Boucheirie. It is on my list for next visit. Have fun!

    1. Camelia Grill on Carrollton is the same as ever.

      1. Thanks for the tip on Bon Ton and thumbs up to Camelia. Another question: without a car is a cab the only way to get to Mosca's in Waggaman over the Huey P. Long bridge?

        1. Here's what I have figured so far considering when places are open and where I need to be during the days. Plan to hit Felix's and the Sazerac Bar as well. Any advice very much appreciated!

          Thursday lunch at Casamento's and dinner at Toups Meatery
          Friday lunch at Bayona (for the duck sandwich) and dinner at Boucherie
          Saturday lunch at Peche and dinner at Brigsten's.
          Sunday Brunch at Commander's Palace and late dinner at Mr B's Bistro
          Monday lunch at Cochon Butcher and dinner at Herbsaint

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            Looks like a fabulous itinerary. Wonderful!

            I am one of the few that thinks Cochon Butcher is over-hyped. Personally, I would trade it out for Maurepas Foods or Parkway Bakery, however if you are Quarter/CBD centric that day it makes sense, and you may love it. Perhpas I just ordered wrong (twice!). If you haven't been before Cochon Buther is very small and can get super crowded, seeming more crowded due to blaring speakers. Its part of the scene but just not for me.

            I hope you give us a trip report as I will be feasting at Toups and Peche, for the first time, in November. Yum Yum!

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              What did you have at Cochon Butcher? I was just going for the muffeletta that Chowhounds seem to think is superior to the tried and true one at Central Market. I will take a look to see locations of the two alternatives you mention. Thanks for the input!

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                I never did have the muffaletta, and that may have been my downfall. [Honestly, I am a muffaletta virgin, so really I should stay out of this convo!]

                I had the cold roast beef one time, and another offering a second time and I just remember them being a) kind of small and b) not a big wow on both occasions. I really liked the marinated brussel sprouts at Cochon Butcher. I was dining alone and I just did not find it very user friendly.

                I am not sure if you edited out a Po-Boy option from your first post (St. Roch?) so I would opt for Parkway IF you need another great Po-Boy spot. Sitting at their inside bar with a P-way PB, an Abita,and sweet potato fries is an iconic NOLA experience for me.

                See Photo.

                Maurepas is young fun, hip, cocktail-oriented & would be a great choice for a group lunch, IMO. Less meat, more veggie oriented, although the goat tacos are YUM -- so if you are really up for meat/muffaletta you might want to stick with Cochon Butcher.

                For another lunch idea, I just got an email the Criollo (Hotel Monteleone) is offering $12 lunches and the M/W/F versions include red beans, jumbalaya, catfish, dishes might fill some of your cajun needs in a pretty upscale environment. I have not been to Criollo, yet, but that special will get me there for my Monday lunch in November! Check to the boards first.

                Anyone on CH tried those Criollo lunch specials yet?

                Have a great great time and please do post a report!

                1. re: karendor

                  I spoke to a friend at the LSU tailgate last week who'd been to Crillo the week before. he said it was fine but he is a regular at the Grill Room on Friday and said Crillo was not going to replace his habitual lunch.

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                    Reviews here and from friends who have been to Criollo have been tepid.

                    A few weeks ago a group of friends did coolinary Friday at Luke, Sat lunch at Criollo and Sunday lunch at Galatoires. The latter was great and Criollo was disappointing.

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                      Thanks hh and cm for the heads-up on Criollo. Luke might be fun for that Monday lunch I need to fill in for my upcoming November trip. Has the coziness I am looking for.

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                        I like Luke and all but cozy is not a word that I would use to describe it.

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                          I always sit at the bar at Luke, to the left by the register, and it has been fine for me. it can get pretty loud and crowded, you're right, but for lunch I think an 11:00 in-and-out might work...or just go later. I had great luck in there at about 3:00 over Xmas holidays.

            2. Thanks to all who gave advice. Here's the rundown on meals that my girlfriend and I enjoyed in NOLA October 3rd - 7th.

              Ferdi Special Sandwich at Mother's - good but not special

              Muffeletta, Roast Beef sandwich, homemade pickles, martinated brussel sprouts at Cochon Butcher were all memorable. Their hot Muffeletta was best I ever had.

              Breakfast at Red Gravy - terrific. Warm homemade banana bread and the Sicilian Egg Pie were standouts.

              Dinner at Toups Meatery almost too meat-centric for anything but cold weather. Cracklins chewy and a little over seasoned. Homemade sausage was very good. So was the boudin balls and the confit of chicken with brussel sprouts. My least favorite meal of the trip because the others were so good.

              Dinner at Boucherie was outstanding. From the blackened shrimp and duck confit first courses to the wagyu brisket and vegetarian pierogi of apple.ricotta and pecan butter. Not to mention the fab Krispy Kreme bread pudding dessert.

              Lunch at Bayona was fine BUT they do not have the duck/cashew butter sandwich on Saturdays instead offering it as a dessert in a puff pastry. Shrimp soup, rabbit cake, crostini, redfish, jaegerscnitzel and panna cotta all excellent.

              Dinner at Brigtsen's. Roast duck succulent as ever as was the shrimp remoulade with mirliton relish and the rabbit tenderloin with spinach and mustard sauce,

              Jazz brunch at Commander's Palace may have been the best meal of all: white shrimp in hot sauce stuffed with tasso, beef tournedos with poached egg, glazed quail and the penultimate pecan chocolate caramel pie as well as a light puffed bread pudding with vanilla sauce.

              Dinner at Mr. B's for the delicious and messy barbequed shrimp and a fine dark seafood gumbo. Their other gumbo called ya ya I found rather bland.

              Lunch at Peche for great small dishes: crab claws in mint and chili, royal red shrimp in garlic butter, fiels peas, white beans and bacon, hushpuppies, smoked tuna dip and key lime pie

              Quick snack at Felix's for the bar-b-q oysters but think I like the Acme's version better.

              Dinner at Herbsaint featured the best gumbo - chicken and andouille sausage in a dark roux - I had the whole trip. Collard greens and tasso was a good side dish and both the gnocchi and spaghetti with egg dishes were richly decadent. So was the chocolate pudding cake with cashew ice cream for dessert.

              Had the best Ramos Gin Fizz of the trip at The Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel although I prefer it with vanilla drops which I believe is original. Also having had the original 1840 Sazerac made with cognac I will never again go back to making it with rye. Learned that although some believe a Pimms Cup was invented in NOLA it was popularized at the venerable Napoleon House Bar but actually birthed in Wimbledon, England. Some of the newer cocktails were fun and tasty but I keep coming back to the classics.

              Places we missed were Mosca's in Westwego, Casamento's, The Pelican Club and many more. Look forward to coming back a.s.a.p.!

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                That had to be an 8pound trip, at least. You did well and you listened to the board. Good job!