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Callebaut - Guittard - Sharfen Berger Chocolate

Does anyone know where I can buy the better chocolate products in San Diego? I'm looking for semi-sweet Callebaut, Guittard French Vanilla Chocolate, and Sharffen Berger cocoa powder. Many thanks for for any ideas!

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  1. I just bought some Sharffenberger cocoa powder at Great News in Pacific Beach

    1. Bristol Farms maybe?

      Might also check Del Mar Chocolate Bar.

        1. It's probably safe to say that in San Diego "Scarfin' Burgers" is far more popular.

          1. I believe 'ho foods has most of those.

            1. Sur La Table (in Fashion Valley and soon opening in La Jolla) has Scharffen Berger, Vahlrona and Guittard chocolate.

              I saw a great variety of chocolate at Vons in Liberty Station awhile back but didn't pay attention to the brands because I wasn't needing them at the time. Might be worth a phone call...

              1. If you want good stuff I see El Rey at Whole Foods every now and then

                1. Remember there are 8 different Callebaut 72 %, depending on what they are to be used for, coating, cooking, ganache, etc.

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                    I just use Hershey bars and pick out the almonds.

                  2. Trader joes pound plus bars are some of the better quality especially for the price, otherwise find a friend with a restaurant depot membership if you want larger quantities(10kg) of callebaut.