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Aug 23, 2013 03:35 PM

Paprika Cream/Paste

Anyone know where to find a red tube of paprika cream-
specifically Univer Red Gold Mild Paprika Cream
The shipping on two tubes cost more than the tubes.


instead of making a paprika paste like this recipe for goulash says
i'd like to use the paste in the tube.

That recipe is from Americas Test Kitchen. I just couldn't link the websites recipe.

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  1. The last time I bought this (a year ago?) was Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis. However, I've looked for it there for months now and they never have it. (I haven't gotten around to asking if they can order it.)

    Funny, I bought it for the exact same recipe, and made it with the paprika creme and lamb. It was delicious. If you do find it someplace local, please post back with the info!

    1. does Cardullo's still exist in Harv Sq? Seems to be a Euro-centric place that would carry it. otherwise, maybe those Russian stores in AllstonBrighton.

      1. Ya. I might have to take a trip up Mt. Auburn in Watertown or find a Polish/Hungarian specialty market somewhere. I'll call Dave's pasta.
        Yes, Cardullo's does exist. I'll call when they open. Thanks for the input.

        1. Not in your target area but, call the Baltic Deli in Dorchester.

          I'll bet they have it. And, you could combine the buy with a meal at Cafe Polonia.


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            Thanks! They do carry it, sometimes. Just not this time. =(