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Where is the BEST Barbecue in DFW??

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I was raised around barbecue so I got burnt out on it as a kid. But now that I am an adult (somewhat. lol) I am ready to experience GREAT barbecue. I have recently realized that I don't dislike barbecue i'm just very picky about it. That being said I have never been anywhere for barbecue in Dallas.
I hear the Slow bone and Pecan Lodge are front runners..?

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  1. Some people rave about Lockhart Smokehouse in Oak Cliff. But personally I much prefer Pecan Lodge (albeit a 2 hour wait on line) or my current favorite, Slow Bone. Slow Bone's brisket is so close to Pecan Lodges' they could almost touch.
    On Fridays (only) they serve a long marinated, slow smoked whole leg of ham. The slices are melt in your mouth good. Don't go too late any day as they close at 3:00 and many days sell out long before that time.



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      Thanks for the info despite the complaints.

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        Restaurant reviews are dynamic and constantly change so why would I search for old entries. I use this forum to know what is the best place to get a certain dish TODAY. not last week. Although it does appear that the barbecue hierarchy is somewhat static, I was not fully aware of this so I apologize. With other restaurants a week can make a world of difference. FYI

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          The quality of food at some restaurants can change daily. Especially BBQ!

      2. Pecan Lodge's brisket is incredible. Want to try Slow Bone ... I have a long wanna list :)

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          Thank you for helping despite the now evident monotony of my question. : )