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Aug 23, 2013 02:15 PM

Breakfast and Lunch in Asheville

I’ve read bunches of posts here about the food scene in AVL, although not much lately. Now it’s show time.

My wife and I will be in Asheville next Friday, and we’d like everyone’s opinion on the BEST place for breakfast (near downtown), and a few good choices for lunch.

I’m a carnivore; no vegan or gluten free need apply.

Thanks in advance --

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  1. Over Easy for breakfast or Tupelo Honey. Get there right when they open or be prepared to wait (applies to both). Curate for lunch if you like tapas (although it is more of a dinner spot).

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    1. re: miss piggy

      I concur wholeheartedly with the Over Easy recommendation. I can get on board with Tupelo Honey and Curate too, but I always feel like Over Easy is sometimes forgotten about so I try to sing their praises as often as possible.

    2. This is what the wife (and baby Winefuhrer) and I typically do:

      Over Easy for bfast, hands down...great juices (juiced in front of your very eyes) and a really nice choice of plates. There are a couple tables outside if you like to people watch.

      Lunch: Table, Curate (it is good but I am not as sold as everyone else seems to be), Limones (if open...depends on the day) and Seven Sows does brunch I believe

      Around 2 PM we head over to 5 Walnut so I can stuff my face with jerky and almonds while drinking a glass of wine

      Then we usually head to Storm for a Chaicodin and/or MG Road for a drink

      Next, Cucina 24...then, if early enough we take little winefuhrer to Vincenzos for music only...the piano music keeps her from screaming while mom and dad try to dry out a bit from a day of gluttony/overimbibing

      Now...this is all downtown...heading outside of downtown is a whole new and, sometimes, better ballgame

      Have fun...

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        I forgot Seven Sows - we had brunch there the other day - fabulous. Check the hours - I think it's only Saturday and Sunday. No one was there but us and another couple even though it's packed at dinner - they should work on getting the word out about brunch b/c it's excellent.

      2. Solid recs, all. Let me just put in a plug for Sunny Point in West Asheville for all-day breakfast, esp. if it's nice out and you can sit on the patio. Also: Seven Sows is doing some whole next-level dinner specials right now. In fact, they are currently neck-and-neck with The Admiral in innovation.