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Aug 23, 2013 02:10 PM

Can I save overheated wine?

Our plumbing broke and sprayed water into the house. The cleanup crew put a heater and dehumidifier in the affected rooms and sealed them for three days. The temperature must have reached at least 100F. Unfortunately we had several cases of California reds (and my liquor cabinet) in there.
Can the wine be salvaged? Or do I have the makings for a lot of expensive Boeuf Bourguignon?

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  1. Ouch! I think you better drink up. I would crack some of the bottles now and mark the ones you want to try and save. Then, always have a back-up bottle when you open a "pre heated" one. Sorry

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      The wines might be OK (may have simply aged in the heat), or the wines might be cooked. In any case, you will have to drink them sooner than you had been planning, and the only proof is in the drinking. Open up a bottle and see what it's like. If no good, try another. And have that backup bottle budnball recommended. Don't throw the wine away immediately if it's bad. Give it a day, and then make your final call.

    2. It depends on a few factors-

      How long was it at that temperature, and how quickly did it climb to that heat.

      If it climbed 20,30,40+ degrees in the span of an hour you're probably looking at some "house made" Madeira, if it was a little more gradual it might be okay- but the lifespan will be severely stunted.

      Now, if it stayed in 100+ temperatures for an extended period- then yes, you just created your own rustic estufagem.