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Aug 23, 2013 02:06 PM

Tell me about Explorateur....

I recently tried Delice de Bourgogne and love it. While reading about other triple creams, I came across Explorateur. A cheese I hadn't heard much about. Is this a cheese you would highly recommend? Or is it just average? What other triple creams are worthy? This is a new area for me. TIA

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  1. Explorateur was my first introduction to triple-creams, decades ago. I love it, but I've found Delice to be pretty similar, at a whole lot less $$. In my experience, Delice is more consistent in flavor, where Explorateur seems to vary somewhat (ripeness issues aside). I tried St. Andre a while back, and thought it was a notch down from the other two.

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      Same here - I was introduced to Explorateur back in the late '70s by a roommate who worked at a gourmet cheese shop in Cambridge, MA. She brought some home and announced, "this is cheese for lovers!"

    2. One big problem with Explorateur is it's not working with big red wines, makes them taste metallic for some reason.
      Try to find Gratte Paille, my fav triple.

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        I wouldn't consider a triple cream to work with big red wines in general - Gratte Paille does? Haven't tried that one - will have to look it up!

      2. Between Explorateur and Brillat-Sav, I prefer Brillat-Sav, although indiv batches vary ... the place I usually buy from always offers a sample from the piece you are buying from.

        Gratte Paille is great, but hard for me to find.

        >St. Andre a while back, and thought it was a notch down
        I agree with that.

        in the cheese-as-butter category, have you tried a good burrata?