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Aug 23, 2013 01:00 PM

Fresh lasagna sheets West side of Cleveland?

Other than going to the West Side Market for Ohio City Pasta, anyone know where to buy them?

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  1. My closest Heinen's store (on the East side) carries some Ohio City Pasta, but not sure if they have the lasagna sheets. If you are close to a Heinen's it might be worth checking.

    1. I've not seen fresh lasagne noodles at Heinen's or even at OCP's store at the WSM. I would think an italian specialty store but am not familiar with any on the W side.

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      1. re: rockandroller1

        Thanks. They do have them at the stand (though I won't swear they have them 100% of the time), was just trying to avoid a trip there.

        1. re: gourmanda

          well, if you want to skip the traffic and bustle, you could just go to Gallucci's. Not exactly W side, but would be easier to get in and out. I would guess they'd have them.

          1. re: rockandroller1

            Thanks, RR! Ahhh, Galluci's. Haven't been there in some time, might have to make a trip. Though the WSM isn't bad if you get there about 8:30's just out of my way. OTOH, I can always visit Kate's for fish and the for their wonderful cheeses. Mmmmmm.

      2. I was just at Earth Fare in Rocky River and noticed they have a ton of fresh pasta in a freezer by the prepared foods. You could give them a call to see if they carry lasagna sheets.