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Aug 23, 2013 12:45 PM

Top Italian Restaurants in London, 2013?

Your thoughts? We've been to the River Cafe and Bocca di Lupo, but its been a couple of years since we were there.

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  1. Terra Vergine in Chelsea

    But admittedly a tricky question, with an imperfect answer, due to regional diversity.

    1. I very much enjoyed a meal at Locanda Locatelli. It's pricey, but I felt it was money well spent. I've heard good things about Tinello but haven't gotten there as yet.

      1. Has anyone tried Tozi? Seems to get good reviews. We were considering Zucca, but have read some good things about Tozi. Any thoughts?

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          FWIW, Tozi gets raves on sounds terrific.Let us know if you eat there.