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Aug 23, 2013 12:21 PM

Montmartre May Have Manhattan's Best French Fries

Thin and crispy, sprinkled with salt, onion powder, mustard powder and... sugar.

I had a few last night and was blown away both by how delicious they were and how simple it sounded.

These give the Breslin's thrice fried fries a run for their money.

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  1. How are the portion sizes at Montmartre? I've been eyeing the restaurant for a while but the menu seems a bit pricey. What else did you have there?

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    1. re: Pookipichu

      For the two of us, for food and a few cocktails, usually around $100-$110. It varies a lot dependent upon what entrees we get to share between us two. Some of the seafood dishes aren't super big. The duck for two is big, and yielded leftovers. The country terrine is also pretty generous.

      1. re: Monica

        We had a ton of food as we were a party of four, and the kitchen sent out a few dishes. The raw fluke with strawberries was delicious but on the smaller side. The watermelon salad was also very good, large cubes of watermleon with goat cheese in an herbal broth with a lot of Thai basil. We liked the heirloom tomato one even more, gorgeous tomatoes served with a funky cheese and pickled olives. One of our friends tried the artisan salad, which she described as simple but delicious. The country terrine was delicious. A coarse and fatty pate made out of pork. Two large slices, too. We usually get the boudin chinois as well. A crispy patty of Sichuan inspired blood sausage. Wonderfully savory.

        There was a special of a whole grilled turbot, which I shared with my husband. With a side of zucchini with ricotta, pinenuts, and basil, which was fine, not my favorite. Our friends loved their scallops main with corn and shishito peppers. And they sent us fries as well for the table.

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          l think l'd like to come back as you in my next life, if reincarnation there be.

      2. I definitely need to make a return visit soon to Montmartre. I wish they would prepare the duck dish for a solo diner; maybe they would let me take home the leftovers. Will definitely order the fries next time. Their brunch menu looks wonderful too!

        1. Wow- mustard powder?? Are they spicy the way that dijon can be?

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            Not really, but the mustard powder gives it a little bit of "this tastes so familiar but I can't place why," just a hint of something extra going on.

          2. yes, if you put sugar on foods, people will call that "best."

            Glad to hear someone is sparing diners the hard labor of dipping their fries in sugary ketchup. (Curry wurst vendors take note.)

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            1. re: barberinibee

              In this case the "secret" ingredients have been made public: Ryan Sutton spilled the beans in his Bloomberg review, presumably after asking someone at Montmartre just what's in those fries.

              But it's a good bet that many other restaurant dishes benefit from undisclosed boosts in salt, sweetness or fat—PEDs of the professional kitchen. Maybe the less we know, the better off we are.