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Aug 23, 2013 12:16 PM

Homemade pasta using gluten free flour ( Bob's Red Mill)

Am giving a pasta making lesson to some friends/relatives but need to use
the gluten free stuff for some in the group. What's the best way? I have the Xanthan Gum that someone told me I would need to add to the dough
to make it "right", but no one seems to give the proper amounts of the gum to add. The pkg. containing the flour says to add "1 tsp. for bread then gives other amounts for other baked items, but not how much per cup of flour, so I'm still in the dark. Does anyone out there understand the
process and can offer me a solution? Thanks so much, in advance.

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  1. An ignorant speculation here. I am assuming you add gum when making bread to enable the formation of a structure full of pockets which expand when heated, producing a crumb. Since pasta does not seem to have a discernible crumb, I'd try a batch without any gum using traditional proportions. So your out a couple of cups of flour and some eggs if it bombs. You could probably incorporate whatever is produced into something else or salvage it by adding other ingredients.

    1. Bob has a gluten-free pasta recipe on his web site. Perhaps that would be a good place to start.

      1. Thanks, sr44. I bought the gluten free flour so don't want to purchase all the various flours used in that recipe. I did, however contact Bob's Red Mill from the site you listed and
        asked them for a recipe using the flour mix. Maybe they will have a reply to me soon. Thanks for your imput.

        1. You really got me interested in this and I came across an interesting site on gluten free. This person seems to have tinkered with gluten free pasta a good bit.

          1. Bob's will be the best resource since you are using their product.
            Since this is a pasta making class please be sure to clarify with the person who is gluten free if it is a lifestyle choice or intolerance vs celiac disease or allergy. It may be necessary to have a seperate prep area and set of utentils, bowls etc