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Aug 23, 2013 12:01 PM

Erbaluce or Taranta?

I know, very different, but we want to take in some sort of Italian one night on our trip mid-October. Both look interesting and consistently good views for Taranta but mixed reviews for Erbaluce - seems either you love it or hate it. We are foodies, adventurous, and also have reservations at Oleana and Deuxave, and we are staying at The Lenox.

I understand there's not much in Erbaluce's Bay Village neighborhood unlike Taranta in the North End to walk around after dinner - ?

Thoughts? TIA for your help.

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  1. Try Massaminos in Endicott st in the North End

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      I've had much worse luck at Taranta than at Erbabluce. Maybe just bad days, but overcooked hard gnocci (supposed to be a star at Taranta). Erbaluce is not typical italian, but I was quite pleased with the dishes there. Other choices for italian for me would be Trattoria Toscana near Fenway (check to be sure they're not on vacation), or Gran Gusto in Cambridge.

    2. I quite like Taranta. I'm in the hate camp on Erbaluce. The flavors, the room, the service. They all just rub me the wrong way. Other Hounds disagree.

      Because I like comparing things to baseball: Taranta is the major league ready player that doesn't project as a perenial allstar. Erbaluce is the high ceiling prospect that could also flame out.

      1. I love Taranta and am in the ok on Erbaluce, so my vote is to Taranta. I don't hate Erbaluce, but my meal there with an DC was definitely a few misses with some hits.

        Erbaluce is in a weird little pocket of Bay Village, but it's actually quite close to the Back Bay and very walkable to Chinatown and the Theater District (which may nor may not be that exciting after dinner).