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Aug 23, 2013 11:51 AM

Navona Sunday-no reservation

I need a little help with plans. We are flying into Rome on Sunday am. Since I'm not sure how jetlag will affect us I would like some restaurants that don't require a reservation.

We are staying near Piazza Novona. Our plans are to go to the Pantheon and see some other churches and the Spanish Steps during the day.

Looking for a lunch option(anywhere near the Pantheon or even up to Piazza Popolo) and a dinner option (close to Piazza Novona)if we are hungry.

If we make it to Sant Eustachio prior to 1 that might be lunch.
If we aren't very hungry we might just have drinks and cheese at Cul de Sac.
Gelato option is Gelateria del Teatro.

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  1. Both the fact that it is Sunday and the season (August) may restrict your choices in that area. You will not lack for food but you may have less of a choice in excellent destinations!

    Use the searchbox above left - it you put in Rome August I think the first search result is a post with some helpful links to open places this august.

    La Campana is a good Sunday restaurant and is near you, but I dont know whether they are open or on holiday.
    The Ghetto restaurants are also good Sunday bets.

    Hope you enjoy and report back!.

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      I should have specified. We will be there at the end of October. I will put that as the search box.

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        ok you can put in "Rome Sunday'" - there has been a lot of discussion of Sunday dining in the past. It sounded like it was going to be THIS Sunday,

        Arriving on Sunday, you may want to walk around for an hour or so and then settle into a nice Sunday lunch. the late dinner hour in rome does not work very well for jetlagged people. La Campana is a nice lunch spot but you may want to try to reserve. We have walked in and lucked out on Sunday but they tend to be very busy.