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Searching for a good burrito

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Just moved here from the west coast, and as, a weekly burrito is part of my life, have consumed three burritos around town. All just seemed incredibly bland, dry and the tortillas..well let’s not go there. I know this has been discussed here before, but - Any new thoughts on where I can find a good one?

In particular, does anyone know of a place that:

a) will make you a burrito with jalapenos folded into it? The three places I went to here looked at me like I was insane when I asked for extra jalapenos inside my burrito. I always get them, and also think jalapenos could ameliorate some of what’s going on with the burritos I’ve had here.
b) Any place that will make a burrito with pork chile verde? This is my favorite, and I cannot find a place here that does.

Thanks in advance for any help with my quest.

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  1. I know they don't compare with what's available on the west coast, but have you tried Anna's tacqueria? They have several locations and have a pretty decent chile verde, IIRC. I've had them add jalapenos to my burrito on many occasions, without recourse!

    1. Well, you won't have issues with "dry" at Anna's since they never take the time to drain the meat/beans that sit in water. Bland on the other hand.....

      1. My favorite is Boca Grande, but again not sure there's anything that compares to what you get on the west coast.

        1. Where have you had your three burritos? I'm also not an Anna's fan (though many are). I like Boca Grande, but only the Brighton outlet (I find the one in Coolidge Corner pretty bad). Not sure if either will put jalapenos in it, however.

          1. Try the "quesadilla" at Anna's. It is the pretty much the same as the burrito except they fry the tortilla on the grill melting the cheese before adding the fillings and rolling. Not bland or dry. My go to is half lengua/half carnitas.

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              That's pretty tasty if you want a quesadilla, but not if you want a chile verde burrito!

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                The quesadilla at annas would be considered a burrito anywhere else. i think many people don't order it because they want a burrito and not a quesadilla but It has the same fillings as the burritos and is rolled like a burrito (the ends might not be pinched as tight...). The real difference lies in that it is griddled before construction and probably has more cheese. In conclusion, annas quesadilla=delicious griddled burrito.

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                  Ahh....I see your point. Yes, grilled is nice! :)

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                    I'm one of those people. I was with someone who ordered one once and said, "That's not a quesadilla!"

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                      Maybe if you can get them to griddle it without dipping the tortilla in oil first...

                      1. re: Luther

                        Yeah, now I remember....it has an actual blintze vibe to it!

                    2. re: Science Chick

                      LOVE LOVE LOVE Anna's quesadilla.

                      I get it with just chicken, salsa, cheese and extra jalapenos.

                      I wish I lived near one, I'd go get one right now!

                      My husband gets a carnita burrito with double meat every time we go and he loves it.

                  2. Thank you everyone, for your input and tips. As for the 3 places I've tried burritos at, they were: Burritos Express, El Pelon, and Taqueria Mexico in Waltham. I'll check out Annas and Boca Grande this weekend. And then?? I'll have to get off my butt and start and start making my own!

                    It's interesting: Unlike things like lobster rolls, clam chowder, sourdough bread, bagels or some cheeses- just to give a few examples - there is nothing so unique, atmospheric or so incredibly local involved in the ingredients of a burrito - or that can't be learned in the making of them - that makes it un-viable to duplicate awesome burritos here. Tortillas can be done right here (and are done right for other things), beans, rice, salsa, carne - todo - can be done here. Yet there's an entire marketing about the burrito here and yet the burritos here are *so* lacking. Oh well. It's just a matter of time. Those great burritos will make it here - eventually.

                    1. Annas and Boca Grande both have a chile verde.

                      Compared to Annas & Boca Grande (which are very similar, for a good reason) I prefer el pelon, viva burrito and the deceased villa mexico but honestly nothing here is going to make you forget what you used to have access to.

                      1. Tenoch in Medford Square. Soon to open in the north end.

                        1. My favorite burrito place is Olecito, in Inman Square. Anna's and Boca Grande are both serviceable, and both make chile verde, and both will happily put jalapeños in for you.

                          The newest place I'm provisionally excited about is Cancun Taqueria on Mass Ave in Harvard Square. Only been there twice, but the wet chile verde burrito was really great.

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                              This Cancun Taq. is owned by the Cancun place in E Boston which didn't impress me. And the Yp reviews are scary. But you've found one thing you really like there, so congrats!

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                                I specifically mentioned the burrito I had on my second visit, which I thought was great. But on my first visit I thought the flautas, guacamole, rice and beans were all great, too. And the chips and salsa. And the homemade horchata, which might be the best I've had here.

                                Only two visits, again, and I didn't order anything with beef in it (which prompted the two scariest Yelp reviews).

                            2. Try Tango Mango in Newton Center. Their burritos are far from "dry".


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                              1. Just in terms of background for why Mexican food is harder to find in quality quantity in this metro area; emigrants from Mexico do not abound in these parts compared to other similarly sized metros. One is more likely to find emigrants from further south in Mesoamerica and the Dominican Republic. So, you probably need to work at it and become a regular whose suggestions are likely to be received well.

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                                1. re: Karl S

                                  thanks for the feedback! but that's just it: there's no problem at all in terms of quantity,, just check out all the suggestions. the quest continues for quality however...and certainly there's a demand/market for good burritos here. :-)

                                  1. re: Karl S

                                    I think this has everything to do with it. A lot of the "mexican" food around here is being made by folks from DR, or worse, the carribean islands.

                                    Forget burritos, embrace Roti and Doubles in all their glory. Cow heel soup, Pelau, Bouyon and Zizie.

                                    Try to find Poulet braised in epis, served with riz pois colle like at LeLene"s the next time your in Seattle.

                                    aint gonna happen.

                                  2. Yes to (b)! Los Amigos in West Roxbury does a pretty decent chile verde burrito. I am from LA and in general have been very disappointed in the quality (and blandness) of Mexican food in the Boston area. I wish I could find a place that makes chile relleno burritos, but still haven't found one out here.

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                                      la Verdad does super chile relleno tortas; check website re burritos.

                                      1. re: amsalias

                                        andale.. will check out Los Amigos soon!

                                      2. cantina la Mexicana- Somerville-get your burrito from the take out side.

                                        honorable mention- blue ribbon burritos are pretty damn good.

                                        1. The search for good Mexican food in Boston can be a challenge because there really aren't many Mexicans in Boston. The population of other Latino groups is much greater. I find that many Mexican restaurants are actually owned by Salvadorans or Guatemalans.

                                          I do like Super Burritos in Everett, however, if you're looking for a good burrito. I think the owners are Salvadoran.

                                          If you ever drive north on I-95 to Maine, Loco Cocos in Kittery, Maine, is as good as it gets. I know it's hard to imagine that there could be authentic Mexican food in small town Maine, but it is true. It's better than any place I've found in Boston and I've looked. I lived for many years in Los Angeles and know Mexican food pretty well. The owner of Loco Cocos is a Mexican-American from California.

                                          1. I may not have read the thread carefully enough, but has anyone mentioned Tacos Lupita? Sort of a chain, with outposts in Lawrence, Haverhill, Lynn and Gloucester, ?
                                            Not crazy about their tacos, but I really like the carne asada burrito, nicely stuffed, good texture and toppings.

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                                              Is this related to the one that used to be in porter?

                                            2. I haven't seen Cha Cha Cha Taqueria mentioned - formerly "Burritos and Tacos to Go" AKA the Back Bay Station Burrito Cart. They do excellent burritos & quesadillas, tacos, and burrito plates. They have carnitas, al pastor, steak, chicken, and Chili Verde...chicken (unfortunately). But everything is top notch. Similar to Anna's in taste and quality.

                                              1. Felipe's in Harvard Square should get a mention. I don't recall if they do pork Chile Verde, because my go to there is the chorizo, which is more like what I knew back home as carne adobo: highly spiced ground meat. They will give you all the jalapenos you want in your burrito and there's a salsa and toppings bar that has things like pickled radishes, which are hard to come by around here.

                                                Great, now I want a burrito...

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                                                1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                                                  Yah I think Felipe's does a pretty respectable job.

                                                  1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                                                    Agreed, Felipe's is worth a shot.

                                                    My personal favorite is from Viva Burrito, on Staniford St. I think they will most certainly fold in jalapeños for you.

                                                    Also try Pedro's Tacos on Bromfield St.

                                                    I'm surprised to see Boca Grande mentioned so many times. I thought it was inferior to pretty much everywhere else listed in this thread.

                                                    1. re: Alcachofa

                                                      Agreed on Boca. I always find the burritos sloppy, flavorless, generally sub-par. No thanks.