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Special occasion dinner for wedding gift

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Hi all
I'm from Austin but used to live in Seattle 8 years ago. I am attending a wedding and would like suggestions for a gift certificate for the happy couple. They are 40yo busy seattle professionals, no kids, very cosmopolitan, love wine and great food. Thanks!

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  1. How much are you willing to spend?

    1. $200-250 for two diners

      1. Not trendy or new in any way, but the first place that came to mind was Place Pigalle Restaurant. Very cozy and romantic.


        1. Ray's Boathouse, Canlis, Morton's (on a cold rainy Seattle night), or John Howie Steak in Bellevue.

          1. Oh and Place Pigalle at The Market might be good. It's a hidden gem, has a great view and good food and wine.

            1. Where are they on the trendy-vs-traditionalist spectrum?

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                Ray's, Canlis, Place Pigalle are traditionalists to me.

                Morton's and John Howie lean more toward trendy to me, Kaleo.

              2. They are pretty trendy, like trying newer places, not super formal. I wonder if there is something livelier than canlis. What do people think of spinasse? Sitka and spruce? Tom Douglas places might be a bit touristy. Walrus and carpenter would not be ideal because their schedules require a place that will take reservations.

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                  I think Spinasse or Sitka and Spruce would fit. Possibly also Staple and Fancy or Anchovies & Olives.

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                    Just looked at those menus and they all look amazing. Plus I can get an Ethan stowell gift card that will be good at anchovies and olives as well as how to cook a wolf, staples and fancy. Perfect! Thanks so much!