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Aug 23, 2013 10:28 AM

40th Birthday Dinner?

Need Recs for a 40th Birthday Dinner for Caesars or Cosmo? and what's up with Verandah at 4 seasons? good for Sunday brunch?

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  1. If money won't be an issue, I highly recommend Guy Savoy at Caesars for the Innovation dinner and é by Jose Andres at the Cosmopolitan.

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      Was looking at some old threads and other sites which listed the e menu somewhere around $250 + $135 for wine pairings.

      Still accurate?

    2. The Verandah is one of the best places for brunch. Great setting (especial outside) and you can order off the menu or have the buffet. While the buffet is smaller than most others its quality is excellent. And like all Four Seasons properties, it is very elegant.