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Brooklyn Eats

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My boyfriend and I are coming to NY for a three day trip next month. He's never been to NY before, so it's going to be somewhat of a touristy trip. We'll be spending at least a full day in Brooklyn and I was looking for some recommendations for eats... I am a mostly fish and vegetable eating foodie and he is not a foodie. He likes his food "simple straightforward and flavourful, with no funny business". Help, I dread carrying him to anywhere I would eat if I were on my own, because he'd probably hate it.

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  1. What neighborhoods in Brooklyn are you planning to visit?

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      We're thinking dumbo, downtown, park slope prospect park areas... maybe Greenpoint and Williamsburg but we're willing to go further afield for good eats. We may spend a second day in the Brooklyn and go to Coney Island and the surrounding areas but we opted to play that by ear.

    2. If you get to Coney Island you MUST get a hot dog, Root Beer (or beverage of your choice) and French fries and eat on a bench on the boardwalk. PRICELESS!!
      Otherwise in the area is Totonnos Pizza, L&B Spumoni gardens and Brennan and Carr's.