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Aug 23, 2013 09:51 AM

Girls' trip to Paris - help prioritizing

Hello fellow CH'ers... will be heading to Paris in September (7th - 11th) with a couple of girlfriends, and am working on the shortlist for our trip. Have been poring through the messages, but hoping for some advise to help narrow down the options. There are 3 of us, arriving Saturday night and leaving Wednesday afternoon. We're staying in an apartment in LeMarais.

We're all from NYC, and foodies...not looking for the fancypants, haute cuisine places for this trip, and obviously nothing romantical. :) But would like to find some spots that offer a fabulous meal and non-stuffy setting.

On my list:
- Bones
- L'Ami Jean
- Paul Bert/Le 6 Paul Bert
- Au Passage
- Frenchie's Wine Bar
- Cafe Musees
- Ober-Salé
- Le Taxi Jaune
- Métropolitain
- L'Avenue
- Comptoir de la Gastronomie

Places like Frenchie's and Septime would be great, but are booked and so unfortunately off the table.

Would appreciate any guidance from the board!

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  1. Does one of you "girls" (you used the term not me) have a dartboard, get it out and toss away.
    But seriously, there are some issues here:
    - Paul Bert/Le 6 Paul Bert, very different places, ambiance
    - Au Passage, not the same since James left for Bones
    - Which Metropolitain? In the 4th (which everyone but me loves) or the 16th (which everyone but me ignores).
    - and why L'Avenue & the Comptoir de la Gastronomie?
    - and most importantly, Saturday, Sunday and Monday require some fancy footwork, aka planning re: what's open.
    Let me offer a few suggestions for newer places fitting your requirements of a "fabulous meal and non-stuffy setting" not featured on CH or the NYT:
    - Le Petit Champarret
    - Les Premices
    - Felicity Lemon
    - La Verre Moutarde

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Thank you JT - your posts have been quite helpful as I've been building the list! And yes, le 'girls' will have lots of good options to choose from.

      L'Avenue and Comptoir de al Gastronomie were recco's from friends who've been/lived there. However, haven't seen them come up on any CH threads, so not at the top of my list by any means.

      May I ask how you would differentiate Paul Bert from Le 6 Paul Bert?

      Will definitely check out your suggestions, and have added Le Mary Celeste to the list as well.

      And yes, will start working on the spreadsheet to ensure we have some options for Saturday, Sunday and Monday... luckily I'm a bit of a geek about planning, so hopefully won't end up SOL on any given evening.

      Many thanks for your help!

      1. re: sbinnyc

        Oh boy I'm sure to run into trouble from the regulars here who differentiate between gastro-bistros, bistronomique, neo-bistros, and trad-bistros.
        So Le Fooding, always at the forefront of such definitions calls Paul Bert a "Bistrot, Bar à vins et cave à manger" versus 6 Paul Bert as a "Bistrot, Cuisine du marché".
        Me I'd say Le Paul Bert is a trad bistro and 6 a neo; OK gang, pile on!

        1. re: sbinnyc

          Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie is very nice for shopping, albeit a bit pricey (foies gras, canned goods and terrines, wines & spirits, truffles in season, etc.), but as a restaurant it's nothing to write home about.

      2. Frenchie's wine bar is a wine bar with mostly "finger" food, I really liked it when I tried it; it can be very fun, but you need to get in when it opens to get a table (no reservation).

        Maybe replace L'Avenue with the new "Café Français" at the Bastille for a "fancy" (non-stuffy) dinner ? and it is near plenty of places for after dinner drinks.

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        1. re: Maximilien

          "Café Français"
          Max, After eating today at the Petit Marché I'm willing to cast off my instinctive avoidance of things Costes - that good eh? (I'm Canadian)

          1. re: John Talbott

            Petit Marche now on my list, too! You're not making it any easier...!

            At the moment, I'm thinking my short list includes:
            - Semilla
            - Ober-Salé
            - Le Mary Celeste
            - Cafe Musees
            - Pain Vin Fromage for fondue
            - Frenchie's wine bar

            But this is subject to change hourly. :)

            So helpful, thanks!

        2. Also to the CH gang - any recommendations for good bars would also be appreciated! We aren't into the club scene and are not in our 20's, but do like to have wine and/or cocktails in a lively but unpretentious environment.

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          1. re: sbinnyc

            Great cocktails at Beaucoup, in the Marais.

            1. re: sbinnyc

              I am no expert in/on cocktails, for me they're all an alcohol delivery system, but a lady named Forrest aka Forest Collins is the Queen of cocktails here.