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Aug 23, 2013 09:31 AM

One night in Portsmouth, looking for a decent large lobster

Can anyone make a dinner recommendation? I'd prefer a nice 4lb or so hard shell and price not an issue. it can be casual or fancy. I am just looking for a quality bug : )

Thank you

Johnny from NJ

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  1. Does need to be in Portsmouth proper?

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    1. re: chefj

      I dont mind a little bit of a drive. I would love a stuffed lobster too if done right. Thanks all

      1. re: corvette johnny

        Chauncy Creek
        Morrison's Lobsters
        and with Caveats
        kinda of a throw back with good Lobsters and giant shlocky Salad Bar people either love it or hate it.

        1. re: chefj

          4 lb. sounds large for a Maine lobster.....

          I think Rye, NH would be a better bet.

          1. re: qianning

            What? Do the Maine lobsters not cross into New Hampshire Waters.
            here are some Pictures of Maine Lobsters

            1. re: chefj

              There is an upper limit on how large of a lobster can be legally taken OR sold in Maine. 4 lbs is pushing the upper limit.

              In NH there is a maximum length for taking a lobster, but a w/s pound or restaurant may sell a larger lobster. (the lobster will be from Mass or RI, or an off shore federal waters boat).

              1. re: qianning

                Why would large, old lobsters be protected? They've done their part already.

                For my birthday most years I go to Makris' just outside of Concord, NH. There is never any shortage of huge lobsters. If I have a 5-pounder, there is often someone at a table near me feasting on something that makes mine look like a shrimp. 7, 8-pounders and more.... no problem.

                1. re: Dave B

                  It's the Rules in Maine you can look it up as I did after Qianning's post.
                  Not in NH though that is why Qianning suggested going to NH

                  1. re: Dave B

                    I did a lobster boat tour out of Portland once, and they throw back all females with eggs, undersized and oversized lobsters. The females, and undersized are easy to understand. He said they don't keep the oversized as those lobsters have lived a long life, and obviously are successful breeders. They figure the big ones help make lots of littler ones to eat.

                    1. re: Dave B

                      Older, large lobsters (particularly females, which by that point probably already have their protective v-notch) are considered "breeders" and therefore not harvested, if I recall my Marine Bio correctly...gotta keep those babies coming!