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Jun 2, 2004 02:04 PM

Austin Mexican

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Awhile back, I saw a post about a Mexican Restaurant in Austin that served a lamb dish. I think it was south of the Capitol. Can anyone help?


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  1. There have been several comments about Fonda San Miguel's dish made with Niman Ranch lamb. My personal assessment is delicious but overpriced.

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      This is a little off topic, but the best lamb that I've had recently was the tandoori rack of lamb at the Clay Pit (17th and Lavaca). Just a hint of indian spices, not too much, roasted to perfection - medium rare. Much better quality and better price than the Neiman lamb at FSM ($15.95 for a rack of lamb instead of $28 for two lamb chops).

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        What about El Azteca?

        1. re: Ronnie

          The cabrito there was pretty below average, to me, when I was there a month ago. My companion felt as if her meal wasn't all that, either. I think that this place used to be a lot better - sad, because it used to be a favorite of mine.

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            Sorry for the double post - I did a search and found a good article from the Chronicle. I can't believe that I haven't seen this before!


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              Beware the out of date article! The one you linked to from the Chronicle was 4 years old. For celebrating a 21st birthday, Fonda San Miguel would be a great choice. Be sure to make a reservation and be prepared for some wait time, anyway.

    2. Thanks to everyone for their help. My son is a student at UT and we want to celebrate his 21st. birthday. Mexican is his favorite.