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Puglia Restaurant Recommendations

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I will be travelling through Puglia for two weeks in October and am hoping to get some restaurant recos for good lunches and dinners.
We will be staying in a few different spots - Monopoli, Otranto area and Matera (which I realize isn't officially in Puglia). Looking for good authentic food in a nice setting.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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  1. Here is but one of many threads on this subject, which you can find by putting "puglia" into the search box at the top of this page:


    You can also search on the names of the specific towns.

    We will be touring the same area for a week in Novermber and I found a wealth of information in these threads.

    Is Alberobello on your list of places to visit? It is supposed to be a very charming town, and has at least one significant restaurant, Il Poeta Contadino, which has a Michelin star and is a member of Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo, a prestigious association of restaurants that pride themselves on the best of traditional cooking. We are looking forward to trying it.

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      I've written a few reports based on three trips to the region; you can find the others with a search:



      Last September, we had a wonderful dinner at Casa de Tu Martinu, in Taviano ( this is near Nardo in the Salento and probably not too far a drive from Otranto).

      For a more upscale ambience and presentation, the lovely town of Carovigno, south of Ostuni, a short drive off the coastal highway, and not well known to foreign tourists, is home to this restaurant, a bit less rustic than we usually choose, but quite good:


      Will you be venturing around the region from Matera, or sticking to the city itself?