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Aug 23, 2013 07:12 AM

China Pearl Seafood Restaurant in Elmhurst. Any thoughts?

This is the kinda grimy looking Cantonese place next to Good Taste, between the two Chinese supermarkets. Anyone have any experience eating here? Some of the Yelp commentary suggests it's not bad...

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  1. If you've seen A Better Tomorrow 2 you get the idea

    1. If this place is f/k/a High Pearl Seafood Restaurant (and it sounds like it is) you can find more here:

      1. ive actually heard this place is pretty good from one of my friends for old school cantonese staples (think cafe hong kong type stuff)...been meaning to review it for a while (if you want to go lmk)

        a friend also showed me this blog post:

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          Food looks good but those posts are all 6-7 years old.

          1. re: el jefe

            yah but i dont think the place has changed much in a long time...its a long standing restaurant...only one way to find out though

        2. Haven't been in a while, but the seafood was always quite good. Clams with black bean sauce was always very fresh and briny. there are also a number of good casseroles that weren't listed on the menu. Just ask.

          1. Last time I ate there was a year ago, This is an old style Cantonese. The crispy fried flower tofu was done right, the seafood was very fresh, and they passed my vegetable/豆苗 test with flying colors (surprisingly not so easy for newly NYC minted chefs). They had several better/more expensive types of fish for steaming, all on request.

            The rice casseroles are OK, not great, but good compared to with what you can get elsewhere in NYC .The tofu-Chinese broccoli casserole with oyster sauce was very good. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their imperial pork ribs, 京排骨 (same preparation style as Peking pork chops, just a slightly different cut): perhaps the best I've had in NYC, highly recommended.

            This is one of the very last old-style Cantonese restaurants in NYC, in all its glory.

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              Wow, I certainly had no idea...I will give it a try.