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Aug 23, 2013 06:09 AM

Where to buy peas in Charleston

I know about the Tues 3:30 Farmers Market in Mt. Pleasant, but wonder if there's a place that specializes in shelled field peas that one could buy from directly.

Here in the upstate, there's been so much rain that my Mom's prefered pea farm is "under water". She likes to buy a large amount of field peas (crowder, I think) to put in the freezer. Her hands are now arthritic enough that she buys them shelled if possible. The farmer's market has pint bags for $5....pricey.

Any thoughts on farms to call? We'll be on IOP this would prefer that directlon, not so much Wadmalaw if possible. Thanks!

Bonus questions: I'm planning to go to Glass Onion for the first time one night. Y'all think this is a good place to please my Dad who prefers a more tradional restaurant than the snooty ones I usually drag him too? ;-)

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  1. Hi Danna, you might want to check with the Vegetable Bin downtown (near the Harris Teeter on East Bay) and see if they are carrying shelled peas. I think the farmer's market prices around here are comparably pricey.

    And "yes" to your Glass Onion question, although you do place your order with a wait person now at dinner. I *think* you still order at the counter for lunch. They may be getting above their raising. ;-)

    1. Hey danna!

      Vegetable Bin is a good idea. The Wadmalaw people come to Mt P, so you might want to go there first. I always like the Fields' produce. They had lots of peas last summer.

      I think your Daddy would enjoy GO and you will as well. Tell them I said hey.

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        Get in the car. Ill make a res for 4;-). Oh yeah. Do i need a res on a tues you think?

        1. re: danna

          That's fried chicken night at the Glass Onion, I believe. I think they'd only take a reservation if you are reserving a chicken dinner. I'm not aware they take them otherwise.